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How to Review Your App

Even when an app feels complete, there is always room for improvement. Check out these mobile app feedback tips to learn how to gather data…

There are a few things that separate a good app from a "how did I ever live without this" app.  Central to this idea is the ability to integrate customer app reviews to make your app continuously evolve.  Not only can mobile app feedback from users improve problem areas with an unbiased perspective, but it can also help get you in touch with your user community and transform your app into the G.O.A.T. Here are a few tools every developer should use to revolutionize their app and make sure they are giving the people what they want.

Get Insight From the Tech Community

Get involved with the tech world, see what other companies are doing and talk to them about their strategies. Sharing your idea and getting app reviews from technical audiences before creating your product is crucial.  The tech community as a whole has immense insight that can propel your initial idea and make development more efficient.

If you’re in the New York area try joining communities like to get in touch with active members of the tech community.

Use Social Networks

While social networks are always great outlets for promoting your company, they are also awesome tools for attaining customer reactions.

Conduct polls, generate conversations, acquire feedback on new ideas, your user base is out there and if they care about your product they will probably have ideas for improvement.  Staying active on social networks show that you are engaged with your app's community members and value what they have to say. When users tweet questions and suggestions, respond to them. Work with the feedback.

Create a Forum on Your Website

If you want to control the entirety of your app review or create an anonymous platform for users to give input, create your own link to a forum that active users can use to provide feedback. It also doesn't hurt to have some sort of contact email or phone number for users to call if they are experiencing issues.

Focus groups are a great way to get immediate, honest feedback.

Free Focus Group

The easiest and cheapest outlet for app review is to create your own pool of beta testing participants through a free focus group.  The group can be created by posting on popular forums, putting up flyers at a local university, or sending out a blast to everyone on your contact list. If you throw in a gift card to Starbucks there is no telling how many people will sign up to help you out.

Facilitate In-App Review

This is easy to forget but it might be the most important way to hear from users. Whether it is a “Contact Us” button or running in-app surveys, getting feedback inside your app is the best way to attain opinions from your most active users.  Make it fun! This pool of people will give you the most accurate and subjective feedback of your app, given they have gone out of their way to download the app in the first place.

Keep it Short and Fun

Odds are, whoever is using your app doesn't want to spend that much time giving feedback. There's no time for a lengthy Q & A that drones on until they ultimately close out of the survey altogether. Spice it up with some spunky language and witty humor. Do the majority of the work for the user with multiple choice or simple rating systems. Let your users know that your app has a personality and that it values its user's time.

What to Do with mobile app feedback

 Once you’ve gathered all your data you can go about implementing the suggestions you find to be feasible. After all the time and money you poured, it may be difficult to change it. But in the end, you will have an app that you can be proud of, that your customers will love.

Keep track of frequent complaints. These should be the first alterations you make to your app.

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