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Under the Hood: Our Top 5 Apps We Love This Week

Every week at Fueled, we share an internal anthology of the week's greatest new apps. As mobile app developers, we're lucky to hear about and download cool…


Every week at Fueled, we share an internal anthology of the week's greatest new apps. As mobile app developers, we're lucky to hear about and download cool new apps every day that make our lives easier, entertain us, or keep our eyes and hands busy in awkward situations.

Check out the five apps below that we’re keeping our eyes on this week.



Although it may seem like there are a zillion photo apps already, this app is designed to work with a clip-on accessory that attaches onto the corner of your iPhone/iPod Touch so you can shoot using three lens types: fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses. The app comes with a Mesh Editor tool that allows you to adjust focus and exposure for picture-taking, as well as edit photos straight from your library. iPhoneographers, eat your heart out!

➤ Olloclip



Apple has iBooks, Amazon has Kindle, Barnes & Noble has Nook, and now North Carolina-based Baker & Taylor -- the world's largest distributor of digital and physical books and entertainment products -- has axisReader. You can use the simple app to borrow and read ePub and PDF e-books from your local public library so long as it supports B&T's Axis 360 Digital Media Library platform.  Students: Not only can you get your homework reading done without lugging 12 pounds of books around with you, but you can highlight, bookmark, annotate or look up ‘oligosaccharide’ with the flick of a finger. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPads running iOS 5.0 or later, the app is available on Google Play and iTunes.

➤ axisReader



With Memorial Day said and done, summer is officially here — which can only mean one thing: beach body panic. Fear not!  Whether your goals include a new diet, reading more books, or learning how to speak Chinese, they're now easier to reach with Mentor, a new app much like Lift and Everest.  You can track your own growth while interacting and sharing progress with people who have added the same or similar goals -- and if you're slacking, you'll get "kicked" by your followers to motivate you. So much for just a poke, huh?




Planning a neighborhood Christmas party?  Trying to find a new home for some outgrown clothes?  Need a trustworthy babysitter last minute? Phone trees are so last season. If sharing a hedge doesn’t make you feel connected enough with your neighbors, connect with them on Nextdoor, a private social network for neighbors. Previously available on Web only, the site is now accessible through its new iOS iPhone app, so you can feel at home even on the go.


Verizon Cloud


Verizon Wireless, a mobile trailblazer with the first national wireless provider in the United States operating on a large-scale 4G LTE network, has learned a little something from Apple’s iCloud. Verizon's storage and backup service is now available on iOS through their new Verizon Cloud app.  The app lets you store and back up your digital content through the cloud service and is supported across smartphones, tablets and computers.

Verizon Cloud

We’re happy to have shared with you a little snapshot of our Fueled current-apps anthology. Like these apps? Let us know by sharing this post with your friends.

Featured image: Tom Wang via Shutterstock

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