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This Week in Mobile: Selfies, QuizUp, and Bacon

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Samsung at the Oscars


The Oscars were held on Sunday night and it was same song and dance for the most part. Samsung, a big sponsor of the event, orchestrated some great screen time for its latest phone as Ellen DeGeneres was seen multiple times during the broadcast with the Samsung Galaxy. Although the phone was used to take the selfie that broke Twitter, people noticed that her personal tweets were sent using an iPhone backstage. via Marketing Land

Flipboard Acquires Zite


Aggregation app Flipboard acquired its competitor Zite from its current owner CNN this week. The deal was rumored to be an all-stock transaction and Flipboard will receive all of the company's 14 employees, minus Zite CEO Mike McCue. via CNN Money

New Facebook Feed


This time last year, Facebook laid out its vision for the future of the News Feed. After months refining the design, the new feed debuted with larger photos, a new navigation bar, and an identical and improved experience on both mobile and desktop. via The Verge

QuizUp on Andriod


Great news for all you Android users out there! The social gaming app QuizApp launched its Android app on Thursday. Now, you can prove to your friends just how well you know everything, from key players in the Crimean War to Dexter's 7th kill. via QuizUp

Wake Up and Smell the Bacon


If you, like Michael Scott, enjoy waking up to the fresh smell of bacon, then this new iOS app is for you. Oscar Mayer has developed an alarm clock app that connects to a small gadget that attaches to your iPhone headphone jack. The device emits not only the sound of sizzling bacon, but also the smell. Unfortunately, the device isn't being sold, you'll have to win it though a sweepstakes on the company's website. via Engadget

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