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My First Three Months at Fueled

On July 7th,  I joined Fueled as a web designer, and just before it I wrote about how scary new things can be. I’m just over three…

On July 7th,  I joined Fueled as a web designer, and just before it I wrote about how scary new things can be.

I’m just over three and a half months into my life at Fueled and absolutely loving it here. New languages and frameworks; an improving understanding of what goes on in Terminal; and a different working method (namely more than a team of one) have all proved to be interesting learning curves, but on a daily basis I can feel a tangible increase in my knowledge.

A part of a team

Now, I don’t want this to be a slight on Reading, because I loved being part of the DDT (and the wider Marketing Team), but working in a team where ages and interests are more closely aligned to mine is great!

hanging out

Added that to: an awesome weekend when Rameet – the Fueled CEO – and the rest of the Fueled design guys came down to London. Thorpe Park, Dishoom (probably the best Indian I’ve ever eaten), and an unorthodox evening in a park in Hoxton was a great way to meet the rest of the wider team really early in my time here.

We made great use of Rameet’s burst shot feature on the camera by throwing some huge S!
We made great use of Rameet’s burst shot feature on the camera by throwing some huge S!

Plus I’ve now got a great new headshot for any time I need to show my beard-y face thanks to Rameet’s camera skills.

Back in The Big Smoke

I’ve always loved London, but I’m not sure I realised just how much I missed it when I was in Reading.

An increased commute

Reading was a five minute drive (fifteen minute walk) to work, but starting at 8am, whereas now I’m on the 0900 train, with a twenty minute walk from Old Street I’m in the office by 9:45–50ish. Although it’s three times as long with a walk longer than the entire one to the university I love it – it’s not overly busy, and the longer walk provides some great reflection time (and a bit of a push towards my 10,000 steps/5km per day challenge).

A decreased Spurs commute

Every other week I was driving back here to come to the Spurs, and while I never considered that too big an issue, the three hour round trip that I don’t need now saves me a fair bit of money, and reduces the time I’m sat on the car park that is the M25.

Suit w*nkers

One downside to being back in London is that there are a lot of self-important, somewhere-to-be egotists everywhere you look; and it’s compounded by the fact that I don’t wear one. I work in jeans, a tee, and a pair of Air Jordan 1s so that clearly makes me inferior to the London suits.

Meh, it’s no biggie, but it’s just taking a little while to get used to. I also fully understand that not everyone in a suit is a condescending, job-hating narcissist, but chances are that if you can’t see the problem when you’re in London you might be part of it!

Living at home

The final part of the living in London puzzle is where to live. Thankfully my childhood home is in a great part of London, not too far out that it’s totally detached, but distanced enough that we’ve got great leafy expanses to run in, and enjoy.

A lot of people have asked what it’s like living at home with my parents, but actually I can’t fault it: my parents are great (and have naturally relaxed now that I’m not seventeen anymore), it’s nice to spend time with my family after four years away in Reading, and the rent (or lack thereof) means that I’m saving plenty towards a place of my own in due time (and a PT to help me push my health binge).

That said I don’t plan on being here forever, when the right place comes up I’ll fly the nest, but until then I’ll enjoy my home comforts!

What’s next?

Next month we move to a new office which we’re all really excited about, so here’s to my continued enjoyment working as a part of a great team.

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