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Top 8 Android Apps for Designers

While Apple and Google seem to be splitting the smartphone market when it comes to market share overall, Android is beginning to open up a…

While Apple and Google seem to be splitting the smartphone market when it comes to market share overall, Android is beginning to open up a considerable lead when it comes to recent smartphone adopters. According to data recently released by Nielsen, half of consumers who recently purchased a smartphone purchased an Android phone. This is twice the recent acquirer market share of Apple's iOS, which made up 25 percent.
For designers, Android is the elephant in the room when it comes to app design. As much as designers would like to think it’s an iOS world in which all anyones cares about are iPhones, iPads, and the App Store, nobody can ignore that Android currently has the majority of smartphone market share and that it is being used on everything from tablets to e-readers. In short, the Google Android platform is quickly becoming ubiquitous, and brands are starting to notice.

The latest Android phones with high resolution offer a wide variety of design apps that allow designers to fully adopt Android apps as excellent portable picture editors. The Android platform is growing in popularity every day, and for good reason. Obviously being an open-source project and having Google behind it makes it a great choice for designers and developers.

Here’s a small sample of the same of designers favorites:

 1. SketchBook Express: a professional-grade paint and drawing application that offers a variety of sketching tools and a streamlined, intuitive user interface.

2. Photo Illusion: a graphic application that lets you edit photos, Photo Illusion allows you to apply filters and a range of other effects to high-definition images.

3. Pro Zoom Camera 5x: replaces the default camera with 5x zoom, eight filters, and sharing capabilities. It also offers editing functions such as draw, paint, brightness, contrast, 18 fonts, 18 photo effects, and a wide variety of clip art.

4. Color Palatte - Iromihon: is a color tool that allows users to tweak and adjust colors in photographs. In full screen, it also works as a color light flashlight.

5. Color Touch Effects:  allows you to recolor images and apply cool effects to them. You can select an image, turn it to gray (or sepia) and bring the color back to one specific area with your fingers.

6. Design Snack Mobile: is a feature-rich, interactive and socially-powered web design gallery. It is web design inspiration, evolved.

7. Fontroid: is the world’s first social font service that lets users create their own fonts based on their handwriting.

8. Dash of Color: an app allows selective coloring to give black and white photos a dash of color.

And, of course, Adobe Photoshop for Android. Everybody is familiar with Photoshop and its features. You can crop, rotate, color-correct and use many more basic features on the go. You can also upload and share your photos using your free account.

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