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The Top 8 Best Prank Apps

Your pranks need to catch up with the times. As always, your phone is here to help you out. Here are the best prank apps.

Let’s face it- whoopee cushions pop and no one has ever believed their refrigerator could get up and run. It’s 2024 and your prank apps need to catch up with the times. As always, your phone, and friendly neighborhood mobile app developers are here to help you out. Here are the best prank apps to help you pull off some great stunts.

PrankDial App

Listen in on phony phone calls with your friends

Prank phone calls! They apparently never get old as there are oodles of prank phone call apps across the App Store. Our app of choice though for phony phone calls is Prank Dial. The app is pre-populated with hundreds of prank calls for you to choose from and the app takes care of all the hard work for you.

Just choose a prank for the available options, enter in a little information, and hit go! The app will call them and it sounds just like a real voice. It listens for them to talk and can interpret when it needs to respond with the next prompt on the script.

All users get three free calls each day though if you’d like to go all Crank Yankers yourself, you can pony up for extra credits.

The app itself looks great and modern unlike many prank apps that haven’t been updated in years. It has regularly received new features including news calls and a call log to save all your previous prank calls. When it comes to prank phone calls, this is our go-to.

Fart Sounds App Showcase
Fart Sounds & Annoying Noises
Fart jokes, but modernized

Let’s face it. For better or worse, I can’t rightly sit here and compile a list of so-called prank apps and not include at least one that made fart noises. It just had to be done! So without further ado... let one rip for the aptly-named Fart Sounds & Annoying Noises app.

This app is basically just a soundboard that is comprised of farts and other annoying sound effects. They’re all... uh... interestingly named. Fart noises such as “Grandma’s Casserole,” “Three Too Many Corn Dogs,” and “Loud and Proud.” Just tap and play them any time you’d like!

As a modern take on the classic prank soundboard, there are many other ways to invoke these sounds. You can tap on them and let them fly, or you could try something more detailed. Perhaps motion detection. Once you choose your sound, the app can use the accelerometer in your phone to detect when someone moves it. When they do, it will play your chosen audio.

Another option is a countdown. Select your annoying noise, choose how long you want to delay the trigger, place your phone near a friend, and walk away. 30 seconds later and that fart will go off and you were nowhere near.

My favorite though is using Apple Watch. You can place your phone in perfect position, walk away, then when the time is right, trigger the sound from your Apple Watch. It is the best way to nail the timing while maintaining plausible deniability. For the most full-featured and modernized soundboard of farts, check out Fart Sounds & Annoying Noises.

The Prank App Showcase
The Prank App
Tons of pranks, one app

The Prank App is an all-in-one solution for your pranking needs. Not everything here is a winner, but there are more than 10 pranks built in with more available through the shop. You’ve got apps that force decisions, noise making ones like razors and whips, and scary ones to freak people out. All in one app.

Sound noises are pretty common, but are widely used. These can be ones that replicate common annoying noises such as an air horn, an electric razor, or a police siren. Time it right, you can absolutely trick someone into thinking you shaved their head or the po-po is on their tail.

There are others like the lie detector. Just have them place their finger on the screen and it can “discern” whether or not they’re lying. Of course, it can’t actually do that and you control the results the whole time! You can also predict what number will show on a set of dive. Regardless of if you use one or several, this is an easy starting place for prank apps.

Crack & Break it App Showcase
Crack & Break It!
Did you just break the window?!

Crack & Break It is another soundboard-style app built around different sounds of glass shattering. Choose from fluorescent tubes, glass blocks, light bulbs, bottles, balloons, and much more.

You are presented with a skeuomorphic interface with a bevy of your chosen object to destroy. Tap any to shatter or break them with realistic audio. If you’re on the phone, just load this up on your iPad and tap to prank your friend on the phone to make them think you just broke a window or dropped your drink. Or do so from the adjoining room.

Instead of using this as a prank app, it can also be a de-stressing app. Just like popping bubble wrap in the real world, this can provide the satisfying release of shattering bottles or throwing light bulbs to the ground.

Who's Calling App Showcase
Who’s Calling Fake Caller
Receive calls from anyone, anytime

Have you ever wanted to get a phone call from the president? Or maybe your favorite celebrity? Well... I hate to burst your bubble but it probably won’t happen. The next best thing however is convincing your friends that it happened. The fairly terribly named Who’s Calling Fake Caller Prank Phone Call app can help you do just that.

With this app, you can get out of a meeting, escape an awful date, or convince your family that George Clooney has you on speed dial. There are preset options but it is just as easy to add your own callers — complete with photo. When the call comes in, the caller will even talk to you, adding further credibility to the call.

The app has 99 different ring tones as well as 9 different stylized call screens. You can choose your preferred delay so that you can sit your phone down and not touch it when your famous friend calls in. This app is so easy to use with so many possibilities from harmless pranks to avoiding awkward social interactions.

Fake All App Showcase
Fake All
Create fake messages for WhatsApp or Messenger

Phony phone calls are still funny, but these days more folks are texting and messaging rather than making phone calls. Fake All can still pull off a fake phone call that looks almost dead-onto the real iOS call screen, but I love this app for its ability to recreate text conversations that look just like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp — two of the most popular chat tools.

With Fake All, you can create an entirely fictional conversation. Jump back and forth between the two parties to write an entire conversation of your liking that you can show off and pass for the real thing. You can adjust backgrounds and other aspects to look just like the legit apps.

Other than creating the conversations, you can have messages come in. Write the contents of the message and schedule it for a specific date or time. Then you’ll get an alert that has the correct icon matching Apple’s iMessage app, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and more. Then you can exit that awkward conversation or easily impress your friends.

Voice Changer App Showcase
Voice Changer
Alter your voice for free!

This simple, free voice changer app allows anyone to modify their voice. Using the app’s built-in recorder, users can record themselves saying anything then apply any of the many filters to modify it. With this app, there are options to make your voice sound more masculine, more feminine, like a robot, higher, lower, faster, slower, and more.

There isn’t a lot else to this app but it does make everything easy to use. Apple’s Share Sheet is built-in which makes it easy to share to other services like an iMessage or an email. Recordings are all saved in the app so you can revisit and access them at any time.

Crickets App Showcase
Crickets, please
Did you hear that cricket?? Where is it!

Ok... hear me out. This is an absurdly simple app but it is hilarious and a bit evil. Have you ever had a cricket in your home and it just kept chirping but you couldn’t find it? That is what this app does with your Apple Watch.

This single-task app will randomly play a cricket sound, annoying anyone nearby. It uses the watch’s built-in speakers to send out a chirp, tricking people nearby into thinking a cricket has made its way inside.

Chirps can be sent automatically at random, but it also supports complications. Just add the Crickets, please complication to the watch face and tap. No one will suspect it is you and since this is on Apple Watch, it is even more tricky since people don’t realize that Apple Watch can do such things.

But enough about other people's apps.


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