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Our Top Sites for Design Inspiration 35

Every week at Fueled, our London-based Creative Director, Rob Palmer, shares a handful of inspirational websites with our teams in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. This weekly email acts as a virtual water cooler, encouraging us to congregate across time zones and discuss what brands and blogs are doing to push new trends in web design.

Discover your Patronus - Pottermore

Discover your Patronus

Harry Potter fans can rejoice in this interactive personality quiz. Everyone, though, can enjoy the whimsical virtual journey this site takes you on.

Paper Planes

Paper Planes

Snail mail is a thing of the past with this re-imagined, international pen pal concept.

Android | Page Not Found

Android 404

The right way to do a 404: make it a game (preferably with Minion-like Android mascots).

Lordie or Zombie

Lordie or Zombie

For all political skeptics out there, this user-friendly and hilarious game is for you.

Florian Monfrini

Florian MonfriniA single, seamless, scrolling page mirrors this artist's chic aesthetic. Hand-scribbled notes and annotations on the home page add a new level of authenticity.

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