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Our Top Sites for Design Inspiration

Our Top Sites for Design Inspiration: Issue 53

Every week at Fueled, our London-based creative director, Rob Palmer, shares a handful of inspirational websites with our teams in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. This weekly email acts as a virtual water cooler, encouraging us to congregate across time zones and discuss what brands and blogs are doing to push new trends in web design.


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The emphasis on shapes and colors is a huge factor in this uniquely simple layout. The homepage has an uncanny resemblance to a twister board, with each of the colorful circles representing a gateway to a far more complex and intricate design than initially thought. Dragging any of the circles into the menu box will begin the circular to square loading rotation, ultimately landing you on one of four main pages. If the homepage bored you, you’re in for a real treat as these more informative pages are filled with stunning images laid out in a grid like pattern making it extremely easy to navigate.

Daily Signs


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This real-time 3D game is a remarkable experience, a mixture of both classic and modern dungeon-crawler games makes for an immersive game. As you explore the dark dungeons to combat treacherous creatures from your computer or any of your portable devices. One of the more notable features of this game is the randomness of any level. Each level is procedurally generated, meaning you will never play the same game twice. Whether you are a forty-year old trapped in the office, or a young child bored at home this ingenious game will surely keep you occupied for a few hours.

Play Keep Out


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Share The Force, will have any true Star Wars fan squirming in their seats as they travel across an endless sea of stars in an effort to relive some of their most coveted memories of the futuristic series. Accompanied by nostalgic theme songs viewers will be able to explore other people's favorite memories from the famed movies. If viewers feel obliged they too can add one of their own memories to the “galaxy of memories.” The ability to add an image of yourself from Facebook or Instagram to attach to you significant memory enables you to standout among the abundance of others.

Share The Force


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Upon first glance the homepage of this website lends itself to the traditional luxury clothing collection. But as you delve deeper into this intricate story you’ll realize there is much more than meets the eye. If you simply scroll you will see the stunning high-class cycling attire, however if you click the navigation button in the top right hand corner you are presented with the real story. A brief history of the cyclists past with equally stunning images explain the “first two chapters.” If viewers are intrigued and want to buy from the collection you can be sure there is a page just for that.

Chpt. III


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Viewers are greeted to a continuous reel of short videos from a group of soccer players juggling a ball to two women violently boxing. The reel continues to play until the moving red line completely crosses the screen, thus restarting the reel. Clicking the screen will individualize the real into separate stories. Clicking “About” will take viewers to a pitch black screen with a brief biography of the director, as well as contact information. The simplicity of the layout makes it extremely easy on the eye as does the minimal use of text.

Julien Belmonte

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