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Track All Of Your Packages With Deliveries

  I’m over trying to keep track of all the different packages I have coming my way. I’ve always had a propensity to shop online,…

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I’m over trying to keep track of all the different packages I have coming my way. I’ve always had a propensity to shop online, partially due to the larger array of selection but during the ongoing pandemic, online shopping is nearly essential.

Between my own personal shopping, my wife’s, and my work-related shipments, we have stuff arriving to the house nearly every day. Each vendor — Amazon, TenTree, Sam’s Club, whoever — all shoot over tracking information but that means whenever I need to check my order, typically days later, I have to root around my inbox for the proper email. This is absolutely never an easy task.

Long ago after a tirade of curse words, I gave up trying to comb through my emails and downloaded Deliveries. Deliveries, as you likely have guessed by now, is an easy way to track all of your packages in one place.

Take your tracking number, paste it into the Deliveries app, and *boom* you’re tracking your latest order of artisan beer coasters. Or whatever it is you decided to order late at night.

At first blush, it can sound like quite the manual process but Deliveries makes it simple. There are absolutely apps out there that will automatically scan your inbox, strip our your order information, save the shipping info and track it for you without your intervention. But that requires giving some third-party company access to your email inbox. That isn’t for me.

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When you have a tracking number copied and open Deliveries, the app checks your clipboard, identifies the tracking number and asks if you’d like to add it to your list. Pretty much one step. Feel free to add a title and other information but Deliveries has primarily taken care of the hard part for you. It even will identify the carrier so you don’t have to choose FedEx, DHL, USPS, UPS, or the ilk. That includes some fairly obscure ones so you can be sure it will work with many regional carriers as well and even the behemoth known as Amazon.

Deliveries can make things even simpler with its tie-in to the Share Sheet. Say you get an email that your bacon-scented bath bomb is on its way with the tracking number attached. Long hold on the number, tap share, and hit “Add to Deliveries” to automatically populate the information. You don’t even need to leave the email app.

Once you’ve got some shipments added, Deliveries will notify you each time the tracking information is updated. You get a simple notification saying what happened and when it will be expected. Tap into the notification to get a granular breakdown that looks far better than the tracking company’s apps.

Best of all, Deliveries plays nice with all your Apple gear. A single purchase gets you that iPad app and Apple Watch app with a Mac app also available. Everything syncs over iCloud so you can open the Deliveries app anywhere and see what is going on.

You could probably say I have a problem with online shopping. You could also probably say I have a problem with downloading apps. But Deliveries solves a real problem so that.  I don’t have a bigger issue when my Lego Simpson’s house doesn’t show up on time.

But enough about other people's apps.


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