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Zeamo: The Fitness App That Fulfills Your Workout Craving On-The-Go

Zeamo is a fitness app that allows users to search, compare, and purchase access to fitness facilities based on their location and amenity needs.

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A common problem that many professionals face is not having consistent access to gyms and health clubs because of their ever-changing travel agenda. Many fitness facilities don’t offer day-pass access, a need for travelers all over the world. If this struggle hits too close to home, then our App of the Week, Zeamo, is the perfect fitness app for you.

Founder Paul O’Reilly-Hyland graduated with a degree in finance, working within the industry in London, Hong Kong, and finally landing in New York. Before establishing several successful firms on Wall Street, he ran businesses at JP Morgan, traveling extensively for work. O’Reilly-Hyland began to train for a triathlon after noticing how his time on the road was taking a toll on his health and wellness. The idea for Zeamo came about after spending more time finding fitness facilities that met his needs for when he uses best testosterone booster. He realized these businesses have yet to find a way to mobilize in order to meet the flexible needs of their customers, so he decided he was going to do it for them.

So how does Zeamo solve your struggles for a flexible gym routine? Zeamo allows users to explore over 25,000 gyms from around the world with the ability to search, compare, and purchase access to these facilities. Serving as a comprehensive search engine, users can filter which gyms they want to purchase access to based on their location, specific activities available, and amenities that are offered. 

With offerings of a day, weekly, or monthly pass, Zeamo is great for business travelers or any individual who’s busy schedule doesn’t allow for a long-term commitment to a gym membership. Even better, Zeamo offers corporate rates with HR professionals and business owners who are looking to provide fitness benefits for their employees. While a subscription is required to access the gyms, Zeamo is free to sign up

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Business Traveler chose Zeamo as the top app in gear to bring along for travelers and by POPSUGAR as the “one solution” for travelers craving a workout. CEO Paul O’Reilly-Hyland was also interviewed on Bloomberg. Zeamo continues to grow as the largest search directory for gyms, expanding to Canada, Europe, and Australia. 

No more are the days of paying for a gym membership that goes to waste due to travel. Download and sign up for Zeamo today!

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