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Unspun Is A New Take on Jean Shopping

I’d say it’s because I’m a guy, but my wife also seems to have an aversion to trying on clothes when the needs arise. The problem…

I’d say it’s because I’m a guy, but my wife also seems to have an aversion to trying on clothes when the needs arise. The problem is, half the time I shop online companies have ludicrous return shipping fees, even on clothes making the whole thing just a hassle. As an alternative... Unspun is here, in a very limited way, to help remedy this issue by ensuring what you buy is a perfect fit every time.

This idea is brilliant. Your iPhone already has these incredible cameras and 3D depth-sensing capabilities. They can be used to preview IKEA furniture in your living room, try on the latest limited run of Allbirds, or hang art on your wall. Why can’t they be used to scan you and size your clothing at the time of manufacturing. That’s what Unspun is doing.

Unspun focuses on denim, and its collection has grown since I first stumbled upon the app. Everything about it is ultra-sustainable and it has in-depth traceability information on its website about how it manufactures, finishes, and ships its products. One of the big reductions in its environmental footprint is that there is no inventory to manage. Each pair of jeans is created when ordered, meaning there are is very little waste, no sizes to manage, and overall a smaller impact than the traditional fashion industry.

The only way to get a pair of Unspun jeans is to use the TrueDepth camera system on your iPhone. You stand in front of your camera, propped up waist-height, and rotate. You do this with slim-fitting clothing so it can get an accurate scan for your clothes. An audio prompt helps you turn at a consistent rate, making the whole process very easy to follow along with.

An immediate concern may be privacy. Unspun is very upfront, clearly stating that only 3D data is collected — no photos — and it is only used in the creation of your jeans and for no other purposes. It will also not be sold or used for advertising. Between catering to iOS users who often have an affinity for high privacy standards and taking a 3D body scan of yourself, it’s important for Unspun to take this as seriously as it does.

This app is very simple. It isn’t especially deep and you don’t get lost through levels of menus or pop up alerts. You can shop around, or view your information. It also makes removing any scans or deleting your whole account as easy as a button press. If you want to order a pair of jeans, you can choose the wash, cut, waist level, and thread color. When all accounted for, you have a pair of jeans that are uniquely yours.

I’m in love with the unique use of the iPhone’s ability to create a shopping app that solves a problem with online shopping and protects the environment at the same time. The app is fast, easy to navigate, and full of edge-to-edge photography to bring the products to life.

But enough about other people's apps.


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