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Urban Airship, SimpleGeo Are Going to Notify the World

As apps get better and better in the smartphone world, notifications are becoming more important. Being able to announce something to a potential customer on their phone without having to go into an individual app is hugely important. Being able to do it based on their location and what they may want at that time is the next step. With that, startup developers Urban Airship and SimpleGeo are forming a partnership to go to the next level of notification development. MG Siegler from TechCrunch reported last week that these two companies signed on to a long term strategic agreement. Urban Airship has been a notification developer for different apps and SimpleGeo has specialized in creating location-aware applications. The collaberation of the two is a natural fit.

The partnership will make getting notifications far more relevant to the smartphone user. It’s never fun to be in the middle of doing something and get a notification that’s totally useless to what’s going on. It becomes annoying to the smartphone user to constantly have to dismiss them. But if people get the notifications when it impacts their activities, that could be a big step. Having variable features like weather, location, traffic, and big events on the calendar as factors would impact when certain notifications are delivered. Notifications with location could track where there are offers that are applicable to the apps on each specific phone. For companies like Groupon and others, that could be a very attractive incentive.


This seems like an obvious partnership. Users are constantly looking for notifications that are more relevant to them and apps that use location can be that perfect fix. The success of both of these companies will hinge on how they can mesh. This is the perfect blend. Like PB and J, cereal and milk, or Rob and Fab, this mix just works.

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