According to a Bloomberg report, there are currently an estimated one billion smartphones in the world , a number that is expected to double by 2015. With smartphone usage growing so rapidly, there is no doubt that we will see more and more mobile apps in the coming years. As a result, app analytics will continue to evolve at a fast pace, and getting their apps discovered will be the fundamental challenge for every marketer-if it is not already.

With such rapid growth, we think it’s crucial for everyone in the mobile application industry to learn more about the tools that can make for a comprehensive and well-rounded marketing strategy. Tools are here to make it simpler, and especially more effective. Here is our exclusive list of app marketing tools.
- App store analytics applications

In order to accurately understand to organic app distribution progress, an analytics tool is needed. Such a tool will track your apps and your competitors through the charts and search rankings. Great ratings paired with the right keywords will increase app downloads that can optimize an app's presence and beat out competitors.

The most prominent analytics tracker at the present moment is MobileDevHQ, which tracks your app's relevant search queries in the App Store. Its “Top Charts” reports can help with analyzing an app’s position in the store relative to its competitors. MobileDevHQ can also analyze keywords to figure out which ones are worth the effort, based on search volume and importance. MobileDevHQ is easy to use and understand thanks to its international support and beautiful graphs. A 30 day free trial is available.

- Enhance your app image : demos & landing page

Whenever somebody writes an article or reviews your app, they’re likely to link to two places: your homepage, and your app’s detail page in the app store. In order to leave a good impression, you need a great landing page. Contrary to your app’s detail page in the App Store, your web page should be rich, enjoyable and engaging. Now, you may be asking: how to do I create a cool landing page without a designer or money?
No worries. Below are some tools that will  help you.

App Flyers is great for creating customizable mini websites, like Tumblr’s, that showcase your awesome app. Developed by Smore, App Flyers pulls in data about your app from the App Store and then allows you to tweak the design to your liking. App Flyers come
pre-defined with a handful of themes. And guess what? It’s all free.

Having a video demo is also very important, and Sound Stage is the tool to use. For only $5, it makes it easy for anyone to make sharable videos that showcase their apps. You can easily drop in an image, pick a song and tell your story while using your app on the iPhone simulator. With very little effort you will have a high quality demo that looks like it took hours to produce by a professional.

- Mobile app tracking

With the recent depreciation of iOS’s UDIDs (Unique Device Identifier), Mobile App Tracking is the most accurate way to ensure your spending money in the right place. It allows you to track all of your organic installs and user engagement. Before, UDIDs was a foolproof method to make sure networks were targeting the same users as they moved from app to app, but it raised privacy concerns because UDIDs couldn’t be cleared from a device. The main point is to understand exactly how many downloads come from each paid ad source.

For example, Mobile App Tracking gives you the ability to track that the $1,000 spent on Jumptap that gave you 100 installs, while the $1,000 spent on Tapjoy gave you 150 installs. You can use this information to tailor your ad spend to the best performing networks. Then it permits to understand, engage and monetize your audience. It also provides a lot of datas about the application usage, traffic and revenue metrics in real time.

Some tools are free, like AppClix and his awesome dashboard. There are other services that are available that offer additional features but are costly...

Mopapp allows app developers analyze app ratings, reviews and distribution to create a ‘sentiment’ chart of an app’s success. It also provides a range of other metrics, such as app store rankings and sales data.

Countly is a mobile analytics platform that allows you to track user behavior across mobile games. It can help you optimize in-game purchases and advertising.

AppBoy is a customer engagement platform for app developers. With its clean and simple interface, the tool is very pleasant and intuitive. It can help you better communicate with your users via in-app news feeds, cross-promote your apps and streamline your support desk.

Crittercism is an analytics platform focuses on crash reporting and performance monitoring for apps. Its clients include Netflix, AT&T and NPR.

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