Ustream Takes Interaction to A New Level

Ustream, an increasingly popular streaming service that streams many different independent channels, released its iPad app today. Jason Kincaid from TechCrunch reported that users will now be able to watch live and previously recorded content from the tablet. The new app is also supported by AirPlay, Apple’s wireless technology that integrates devices to each other, so anything that is streamed on Ustream can be played on a television. Arguably the most attractive feature of Ustream is that it allows users to start their own stream, so that one can easily start a personal dialogue on a major streaming website.  With the Android app that was released last week, Ustream has put themselves in a position to succeed in the tablet market.

This could be a big step not only for Ustream, but for imedia interaction. Ustream has quite a few well known performers that stream video on their site, so the ability for anyone to record a stream in that same place is pretty exciting. Unlike Youtube, Ustream’s channels can be watched live, so it gives an immediacy to the site that isn’t available in many other places. This is yet another way for people to gain recognition on the Internet, this time with a live component. The only thing better than Rebecca Black? Rebecca Black live.

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