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VinylBox organizes your vintage collection

Vinyl! It’s in again! The vinyl scene has continued to gain momentum with sales of records growing and swap meets raking in the cash selling…

vinylbox appVinyl! It’s in again! The vinyl scene has continued to gain momentum with sales of records growing and swap meets raking in the cash selling out their old records that had sat untouched for years. Whether you are just starting your collection, working on growing your collection, or have been a collector your whole life VinylBox is a great new app that allows you to itemize your collection, and perhaps find a few new additions.

What boils down to a simple database app for a very niche purpose, developer Daven Gomes has done an exceptional job creating a clean look and tapping into native iOS functionality such as the camera, dark mode, and widgets. Oh, it also has a pretty adorable icon too. It may verge on skeuomorphic, but we’ll allow it as it came out just so good.

In the app, you’ll find your library front and center. You see beautiful album art of your most recently added albums just on top followed by a folder breakdown of the rest of your collection. Records, cassettes, and CDs can be added by scanning their barcode which surfaces all the metadata, album art, ratings, and any other information you may need. If you’re just shopping for albums, you can add a searched album to your wish list for a future purchase.

vinylbox app screens

Since the vinyl resurgence has been ongoing, many new artists have been releasing their latest albums on vinyl as well as digital. In VinylBox, you can highlight your favorite artists and get alerted to upcoming releases so you don’t miss a chance to expand your personal stockpile.

Gomes does an admirable job knowing what real owners are looking for in an app like this. You can quickly add notes to your albums, drill down into the specific versions of release to find the exact one you have in your hands, not to mention the ability to offload copies on the Discog marketplace. We love the ability to track our wishlist on a handy iOS 14 Home Screen widget.

Vinyl is as retro as it gets and usually is as far as away as digital as can be. But Gomes has blended these two worlds allowing you to get the most from your collection. Stick to your favorite record player when you want to kick back and relax but let your phone pitch in when you want to manage that vinyl collection you’re so proud of. VinylBox is just what a vinyl lover needs — an enabler.

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