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Volv: The World’s Most Important Stories In 9-Second Reads.

Do you ever get frustrated trying to figure out real news versus biased news? We live in a time where the news is more polarized…


Do you ever get frustrated trying to figure out real news versus biased news? We live in a time where the news is more polarized than ever. Volv was created to solve this problem. Utilizing AI to flag biased words, phrases, and adjectives, their writers remove them and make a conscious effort to exclude such opinionated phrases, assumptions, conjectures while rewriting the articles.

Shannon Almeida andPriyanka Vazirani founded Volv in 2020 in hopes of eliminating the bias that is found in news on a daily basis. In a post to Betalist , Vazirani explained that their goal in creating Volv was to report the facts as is. “We want to empower you to decide what you think as opposed to forcing our/others' beliefs on you.” The two co-founders spoke with over 300 people and received advice from Michael Seibel (CEO of Y Combinator), Jordan Lejuwaan (Former Co-founder of Futurism) before launching to ensure a great launch.


Volv has a simple, smooth, and elegant feel to it. The user can choose to view it in the traditional light mode or switch to dark mode if they prefer to read like that. While most media outlets blur the lines between fact and opinion, Volv makes sure to only deliver the facts, riding stories of biased words and phrases. It removes any sense of a polticial agenda, allowing readers to come to their own consensus on how they feel about a story, as opposed to traditional news sources that provide that opinion for you. Created for the newer generations, Volv provides convenience and independence for their readers. 

The first 5000 users get 3 months of Volv for free. You can use the code “Evolve” to use it free of charge.

Since launching in Volv holds a 4.6/5 star rating in the app store and has received 355 upvotes and counting on Product Hunt. Trend Hunter wrote, “The 'Volv' app helps to offer unbiased news and articles for users to learn from, and will even work to increase the amount of content they can consume thanks to the ultra-short length of the articles.

Volv, the best app for fact-based news in 9-second reads.

But enough about other people's apps.


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