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This Week in Mobile: Snapchat, the iPhone, and Uber Shmoober

All the important news about iPhones' and other relevant tech that happened this week.

Here at Fueled, a design and development company based in New York and London, we are obsessed with everything that happens in mobile, be it rumors of iPhone hardware, delectable Android updates or new apps we love. Every Friday, we’d like to help you top up your weekly knowledge of the mobile industry so you can keep your finger on the pulse.

Snapchat Hires Nike Exec


Snapchat hired a snazzy new account executive: Eric Toda, a former digital marketing executive at Nike, joined the team this week. What's Snapchat planning next? via Re/code

Uber, Smoober


On Monday morning, a group protested outside Uber's New York offices in Long Island City. Around 60 drivers assembled to protest againest Uber's steep discounts that allow the company to have a competitive edge over other services like Lyft and Gett. via BusinessInsider

The iPhone is here!


The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus arrived in stores today and it quickly out of stores across the US. Luckily, we got our hands on a couple phones here at Fueled! via Bloomberg

Kindles for All


Amazon unveiled a handful of Kindles this week including a high-end model and a low-priced 6 inch tablet. The $100 tablet is aimed at the masses, while the $200 Kindle Voyage has a thin body, high pixel density, and a brighter display. The Voyage also boosts 3G cellular connectivity. via WSJ

Distracted Lane


Do you find yourself unable to look up from your smartphone, even for a second? If so, you need to move to Chongqing. The Chinese megacity offers a designated smartphone lane for distracted walkers so they don't have to worry about bumping into the rest of us. via Engadget

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