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Explainer Videos: What They Are And Why You Need One

Explainer videos are strategically placed short films that clarify a product or service in an effective, entertaining way. These concise visual stories are typically between…

Explainer videos are strategically placed short films that clarify a product or service in an effective, entertaining way.

These concise visual stories are typically between 60 to 90 seconds long and are used to hook a visitor into your site.

Think of it as an elegant and captivating answer to the customer’s biggest question: “Who are you and What do you do?”

Garner Interest

Websites with innovative products sometimes have trouble explaining themselves to potential users. Explainer videos are a popular tool for reducing cognitive load while informing customers about your offering. It’s hard enough to get someone to come to your website; getting them to stay is a whole other challenge.

People want to understand your product quickly and thoroughly but they won’t stop to read the fine print. The moment someone clicks on your site you want to grab their attention and convince them to stick around and see what you’ve got. And there is no better way than a powerful, attractive and coherent video that only takes a couple minutes to watch.

Decrease Bounce

Getting more visitors to your site is great, but it's much easier to decrease the bounce rate of the users you already have rather than trying to earn new uniques. If you want to encourage existing traffic to stay on your site, an explainer video is just the ticket. Within those first crucial seconds after clicking into your site, the incentive to stay and explore must be strong AND immediate. Maybe your video is funny, cute, slick, flashy. Whatever style you decide, the quality of the video is also on display and is a reflection of your overall product. Investing in a well-made video is as important as deciding to use one in the first place. Quality, informative videos keep users on your site.

Utilize Multiple Platforms

If it only takes one or two minutes to convey your whole message, why not use it in other venues? Explainer videos get posted, tweeted and shared as easily as a YouTube of a cat riding a Roomba. But instead of just being something cool to watch, they direct customers to your site and interest them in your app, website, charity, et cetera. Or how about just showing it to a busy stakeholder, like a partner or investor? Explainer videos are a great way to convey your concept to all sorts of stakeholders.

Increase Conversions

Once a website is live, it’s all too tempting to brush off your hands and call it a day. But what about increasing your conversion rates? Something that converts visitors today, might not be working two months from now. Staying ahead of the game is a sisyphean task. It takes time, energy and resources to redesign an entire website or even a single page. An explainer is a way to reinvigorate your site, freshen it up, give it a shiny new coat of paint. It’s an economical yet innovative step that many companies are investing in.

Actionable Function

Usually, the decision to make an explainer video is part of a wider plan: a product launch, a marketing campaign, a training program, or an organizational change. But any virtually every site can take advantage of explainers. Use an an explainer to introduce your team, explain your USP, show how your product works, explain why your product is necessary and useful, etc. Introducing yourself is hard in any circumstance, so why not let a quick, creative, and engaging video impress people for you? Users will remember you, your brand and your product.


The main priority for developing a web marketing strategy is a solid return on your investment. You’ve sunk a significant amount of capital and energy into your product and the design of your site. Explainer videos are a great way to leverage all that hard work without breaking the bank. Here is where the true value of an explainer lies. It’s a strong marketing tool that doesn’t require effort or an ongoing commitment from you and your team. Set it up once and you’re done. With understanding comes appreciation, a customer who fully comprehends your product will be able to deem its worth. And best of all, it’s easy to measure the return on the video in increased conversions and decreased bounce rates.


Explainers are fast becoming a necessity and it’s easy to see why. To find out about how Fueled can help you with an explainer today, get in touch with pallas [at]

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