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Wild Journey Brings the Nature to You

Here in Ohio, we’re getting into the cool or even cold months. It means we’re going hiking more but at the same time, preparing to…

Here in Ohio, we’re getting into the cool or even cold months. It means we’re going hiking more but at the same time, preparing to stay inside longer. I find myself more connected to nature, or at least thinking about it. Wild Journey is another audio-based app but uses absolutely incredible artwork to help make the experience more immersive.

Let’s get into it. Wild Journey is a nature sounds, meditation, and guided relaxation app that can provide soothing noise to put your mind at ease. These white noise sounds are all inspired by nature, so Wild Journey has several collections to help discover new sounds. There are options like mountains, nights, thunder & rain, birdsong, and woodlands.

You can also build sounds by layering different ones together. Maybe combining bird songs with rain in the mountains. If you prefer spoken words to help you disconnect, there are both male and female guided meditations you can choose. This ties into the lovely artwork. They’re flat, layered images with warm colors that just feel like autumn. This artwork has animations to it as well. Leaves slightly sway back and forth, campfire flames dance gently, and clouds draft across the night sky.

Wild Journey has guided meditation and sounds as outlined above, but it also has mini mediations. These keep you engaged for short periods of time, maybe when you’re stressed and need to practice deep breathing to relax. And yes, these too have calming artwork.

Rounding out why I love Wild Journey is a few nice iOS integrations. This app is a single purchase, automatically giving you the iOS and iPadOS versions without the need for additional payments. There’s support for Home Screen widgets, in small and large sizes, that look great and can also start a session. Lastly, it syncs with the Apple Health app to track your mindfulness minutes, usually recorded by the Mindfulness app.

I’m here to give kudos for good design in iOS apps and that’s exactly what Wild Ventures has done. Discovering this app is also well-timed. I tested it out as I watched the very first snowfall of the season and tried to relax for even just a few minutes.

But enough about other people's apps.

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