YouEarnedIt: Solidifying Employee Motivation Through Recognition and Rewards

YouEarnedIt places emphasis on companies having a simple and effortless means of tracking merit-worthy performance on the part of their employees.

Managers are constantly searching for ways to plant and steadily grow seeds of team motivation — this is assuredly a universal truth for all companies (or at least it should be). From the perspective of an employee that has worked in a retail environment for a long time now, it is fair to say that positive recognition feels nice, especially when it is the kind that comes with rewards.

YouEarnedIt places emphasis on companies having a simple and effortless means of tracking merit-worthy performance on the part of their employees and additionally being able to offer material tokens of appreciation for it. Sales teams, for example, accumulate points in accordance with how well they manage to reach a manager’s sales goal; those points can either be redeemed immediately or simply saved up. 30,000 points can get you an electric mixer or 65,000 points can get you an iPad. The catalogue is impressive.

This is no different from accumulating reward points on a credit card with the exception that, in this case, you know your performance is never going unnoticed in the workplace. In the form of an online administrative dashboard, management and employees alike are able to easily view and gage performance statistics. Such recognization leads to more job satisfaction, less turnover, and a subsequent rise in productivity. According to a recent Globoforce survey, “69 percent say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized. And 78 percent said being recognized motivates them in their job.” As opposed to leaving employees in eager anticipation of an annual performance review, using a more consistent means of making the work team routinely aware of their performance will sustain a strong sense of incentive and self-monitoring.  Timely feedback can be particularly motivating to employees in the same way most students feel that surge of energy when receiving their grades.

Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of YouEarnedIt is peer-to-peer employee recognition. Realtime recognition in the form of virtual high fives by your peers and colleagues is an effective way of strengthening teamwork and loyalty — your coworkers can even award you points. It is not difficult to see this platform doing well considering that the dashboard eliminates the need for management to sit down and put together associate productivity charts from scratch, and its simple interface can be used for a diversity of purposes beyond the workplace, like schools.

Does anyone have any experience with YouEarnedIt or similar, technology-focused rewards platforms?

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