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Fueled dApp development

What began with mobile continues with innovations in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and dApp development.

Leveraging the same product-development expertise that has generated over $1 billion in revenue for clients from Fortune 500s to unicorn startups, Anchor is the official home for Fueled’s blockchain projects.

We help clients become innovators of blockchain technology

As blockchain technology begins to optimize business systems on a global scale, our international team of innovators has become a top-tier resource for dApp development in New York, London, and beyond. From cryptocurrencies to smart contracts, we build cutting-edge products that help clients stay ahead in the race towards a decentralized, streamlined future.



From full-engagement creations to à-la-carte dApp development services, we offer unique solutions to unique problems.

MVP Consulting - We’ve kept a close eye on the emerging dApp market since day one. We’ll know if your dApp idea will succeed and if it won’t, we’ll help you tweak it to reach minimum-viable-product status.

White Paper Services - Our team of expert strategists and product savants will work with you to produce a white paper that’s meticulously comprehensive yet easily digestible for investors and users.

dApp Design - When it comes to dApp design, we believe in judging a book by its cover. We create frontends that are simple, intuitive and engaging for an optimal user experience.

dApp Development - Working with flawless final-product functionality in mind, our highly specialized dApp developers will bring your dApp to life with reliable, robust code.

User-Testing - We take user feedback very seriously. We’ll poke holes into our product-in-process until it’s bug-free, seamlessly functional, and prepared to scale.

Pre-Launch Marketing - We've helped clients launch more than 500 mobile apps - we know what it takes to get your dApp to stand out. Our dApp marketing experts will help you develop a marketing strategy that will attract attention from investors and users.

Let's Talk About Your dApp

You bring the idea. We’ll bring the experts.

We know how to translate big ideas into dApp development languages like Solidity, but there’s more to the picture than product. Anchor blockchain projects succeed because we value complete transparency. We’ll make sure you understand why your dApp should be pure or hybrid, and we’ll make sure you stay informed throughout the entire process.

Thanks to a growing inventory of open-source and third-party APIs for blockchain development, the dApp development process has become faster and easier than ever. We build our dApps to ensure that our service APIs are always in communication with your Ethereum network.

We specialize in dApps that introduce secure, seamless infrastructure and supply chain management for enterprise clients.




Blockchain Technology is Changing How the World Transacts


We help clients bring new cryptocurrencies into the game.

At Anchor, we leverage our market expertise and agile approach to design and development to build successful cryptocurrencies that stand out. As the market becomes more and more saturated with new ICOs, our team will make sure your token or coin stands out.

Creating Your Cryptocurrency

Currencies used as alternatives to Bitcoin are called altcoins or simply “coins”. Coins are built on the same open-source platform as Bitcoin, but with code changes that give them unique sets of features.

Our team will guide you through the coin development process and give you feedback on the best coding choices for your specific project.

Not all cryptocurrencies need their own blockchain. Tokens represent tradable goods and often act identically to coins.

For clients looking to create a product on top of an existing blockchain such as Ethereum, we can create a token. We will refine your pitch to ensure your idea is communicated through design.

Let’s chat ico strategy


Smart contracts services are essential to building dApps.

Ethereum smart contracts are an integral component of leveraging blockchain technology for businesses. Our Solidity developers draft details and write code to ensure efficient smart contracts. Solidity development is essential for transaction-based dApps and we will ensure the most secure contracts for both our startup and enterprise clients.