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The Fueled app design team has mastered the Android platform since it’s introduction in 2008. We create aesthetically pleasing UI with a primary focus on intuitive and easy-to-use design. Our effort to create such exceptional apps has made us a leader in the android app development world, and the iPhone app design world.

Fueled's Quizup case study

What is Fueled?

Fueled is a team of innovators, designers and developers who build exceptional apps. We work from the ground up having vast experience in making small ideas flourish into something remarkable.

Our focus lays on creating functional, polished apps that do something as opposed to sell something. We strive to create apps that become a fundamental part of an individual’s daily life and doesn’t simply sit stagnant on someone’s phone.

Fueled has proven to be a leader in app design working with large enterprises such as Barney’s, Coca-Cola, Sony and many more. Through functionality, polish and intuitive design, Fueled is creating continuously remarkable apps that excel on their platform.

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Why we Design Android Apps

Android is now one of the best selling smartphone operating systems in the world and we’re pretty happy about that. We work with our clients creating mobile android apps from the ground up, to produce beautiful, intuitive, and functional UIs that are easy and fun to use. With a broad-spectrum development staff that spans New York, Chicago and London offices, our android app team brings a powerhouse of software design talent and innovation that can work around the clock.

Our android app developer’s vast program knowledge gives them the means to bring their unique designs to life. Quizup and Urban Daddy are great examples of our android mobile apps that have taken off in Google Play exemplifying premier design in the ever expanding market.

App users are given a dynamic operating experience through the integrative mobile UI design. The innovative and functional android apps we create display beautifully on all forms of android smartphone, tablet and desktop devices.

We work along the lines of an “agile agency”, creating the core of your product within a two week sprint. Throughout those two weeks our design and development team have all hands on deck, offering biweekly check in’s on how the app is moving along.

By having clients understand the in’s and out’s of our process, our clients are offered more extensive knowledge of what the final product can do and how it might evolve over time.

History of the
Android App

With its introduction in October 2008, the Android market (now referred to as Google Play) was open for public use. Shortly after, developers flocked to the booming smartphone marketplace, hoping for a chance to create the next new popular android app. The devices operating system conquers a whopping 75% of the global smartphone market share, leaving immense opportunities for developers to create successful apps. Today, with over 1 million Android apps available, it’s crucial to have developers thinking creatively about what consumers are looking for and how to stand out.

We view android app making as a specialty of ours, having each app evolve into its own unique creation.

What makes our company different is the design side to what we produce. Not only do we create beautiful apps that are unique and user-friendly, we offer a distinguished design strategy. Our apps are refined with our signature style, having each app polished to perfection. When we create an app we don’t just solely develop the app, we create the brand.

Apps made by our team have been featured on Google’s “Best New Apps” page, displaying the quality of the apps we are able to create. Working with everything from startups to large-scale enterprises, our team conquers projects from a large spectrum.

At Fueled, we only take on projects that possess an exceptional idea in which we truly believe in. Being selective about the projects makes certain that we are as passionate about the idea as you are. We have been lucky enough to be recognized by amazing companies such as Creative Review, The Webby Awards, Communication Arts and more.

Some Androids we found to be exceptional:


With a grand screen comes grand hardware. The pleasantly speedy loading times and dynamic UI makes this Android one for the books.

Moto X

If you are looking for a truly customizable and versatile phone, the Moto X is the your Android of choice.

Samsung Galaxy S4

This phone remains a leader in picture quality with its remarkable 13MP camera.


Known for its beautiful HD screen, this android encompasses all that is needed in the next generation Android.

LG Nexus 4

This phone is a bang for your buck with its budget prices alongside trustworthy design by Google and LG.

Motorola Droid Razr M

Compact in size yet speedy when needed, Droid Razr M provides a satisfying UX yet lacks in the photo quality department.

Galaxy Note 2

Teetering on the pricier side, this larger than life Android wow’s the crowd with its exceptional UI and graceful design.

HTC One Mini

Its petite size and battery life go hand in hand as this phone leads in the cheaper routes for Android users


While the HTC One’s battery life may be an issue its premium quality makes up for it, making this one of the best Androids on the market today.

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