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The 8 Best Apps for Couples in 2021

After you swipe right, there is a world of mobile apps for couples to organize their shared lives and turboboost their sex life.

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1. Cobble App

2. Merge

3. Kukini

4. Coral

5. Coupleness

6. Between

7. GoodBudget

8. Love Nudge

What Are The Best Apps For Couples?

If you think the quest for ~connectivity~ ends at "I do," you're missing out. All of us could use a bit of extra fire in our relationships, or even just a bit more organization, and there are mobile apps to help. If you've spent too much time on Candy Crush and not enough on your partner, there is still hope — just get your hands on a phone. And for those who are adventurous enough to try out kinky tech stuff, there are even sex toys you can get on Plug Lust which couples can remotely control using mobile apps!

Turbocharge your relationship with these 8 couple and relationship apps that help you organize money, plan romantic evenings, and amp up your sex life (well, maybe). They’re worth testing out, at least!

cobble app

Cobble - Swipe right for great date ideas

Tinder, meet existing couples! Take the ease and fun of swiping through potential matches on Tinder and turn that into a new way to find new date ideas that both partners will enjoy. Swipe right on any date idea that you find intriguing and if your partner also swipes right, it’s a date!

Whether you live in New York City or just happen to be visiting, there is a lot to do. Cobble takes out some of the guesswork in narrowing down a suitable date night by presenting simple cards of outstanding curated for you and your special someone. Ideas include restaurants, bars, clubs, and special events. In total there are more than 3,000 curated suggestions.

Cobble further assists couples by helping schedule the night out. The app aids by allowing you to make reservations and buy tickets for whatever it is you have planned. Swiping can be addicting and you’ll have a slew of matched ideas in no time. Filter those date ideas by category, where they are, when they are, and cost. Dates can even be plotted on a map for a visual view.

In an attempt to pivot during the pandemic, Cobble has started including new date ideas that you can do from home. There are new categories for movies and TV shows, cooking and baking, takeout or delivery, home activities, and virtual events. Now being stuck at home won’t limit your ability to be romantic.

The only problem with Cobble is that it is limited at the moment to NYC! If you’re outside of the Big Apple, keep an eye on this one as it expands to additional markets.

Merge App

Merge - Share tasks, stay organized

Married a month or a happy couple for a decade, there are always shared tasks that need to be managed between the two of you. I know with my wife we are always trying to stay on top of things like the grocery list or chores around the house. Merge is an app for couples that takes aims to take the stress of these common issues.

Any iPhone comes with the default Reminders and Notes apps which, it's true, can be shared with other people. But they aren’t even close to being optimized for couples. Merge absolutely is.

Any list or tasks you share, add them to Merge. Grocery lists, household chores, errands to run, dinner orders, and more can be added. Any item or task on the list can be assigned to a specific partner (or marked as “shared”) and further details can be added or clarified. Not sure what bagel your wife wants you to get? Just ask within the app and she can add the specificity needed.

Other users include the ability to vote on preferences or the ability to set reminders for bill payments that are coming due.

All lists that you’ve created can be filtered and sorted with just a tap. Show only the tasks assigned to you, produce all bills that are coming due, or narrow it to just your current shopping lists.

It’s all easy to do and works across your iPhone and iPad so you’re both always up to date, regardless of the device you use. Use Merge and never argue who forgot to take the trash out again!

Kukini app

Kukini - An organizer for the whole family

Merge is fantastic for couples but Kukini is an exceptional option when that couple turns into a whole family. Kukini can handle your shared tasks but it also includes activities, a shared calendar, health tracking, and a meal planner.

This app crushes it at family planning. Not... planning to have a family but planning what everyone is doing and keep track of it all. It is no easy task but Kukini manages just that. The home view gives you a great summary with a list of today’s reminders, activities, food, etc that you have planned. That sits just below additional summaries of your to-dos, your shopping lists, and your activities. It’s a perfect way to take in your day.

Going into the calendar you get a much more itemized view of each day and who it involves. Does your partner have a doctor’s appointment? Does your kiddo need to take a pill? Does your oldest have soccer practice at the high school? All of this is on display and who’s responsible. They even get tagged by color based on what it is (food, activity, medicine) and who it includes. This is far more granular than a simple shared calendar.

Meal planning is also a unique feature to tout. Set specific breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners for the whole family or by person. I’m also loving the health tracking. You can input

when someone has a fever and how high, how much medicine someone took (or needs to take), how much formula your baby drank, or how long your toddler napped.

The app goes further with shopping lists, reminders, dark mode, and even in-app messaging. There is so much functionality here that it will make family life easier, and make your relationship better because of that.

coral App

Coral - Increase your relationship intimacy and happiness

Put the kids to bed and draw the shades, it’s time to talk about intimacy. Coral gorgeous app that helps coach you to increase your intimacy and happiness with your partner. Talk to experts, track your journey, and partake in exercises by yourself or with your partner.

Launching the app, each day it will present a poll for you to take such as how satisfied you are with your sex life and a daily tip to improve yourself. These are optional but small ways to familiarize yourself with Coral and to start thinking about your relationship. Along with this app, sites like The Penis Toy Shop might also be able to spice things up in the bedroom for you and your lover.

The Play tab is where you start various exercises of which there are solo and partnered options. There is an assortment of music to help get you both in the mood with playlists like “Ambient Vibes,” “Sexy Pop,” or “Steamy Shoegaze.” Filter the available exercises and try them out. Some are short activities while others are a bit longer.

There’s no shortage of messaging apps, but Coral does include a dedicated messaging platform for the two of you to talk privately. The app can prompt you with a conversation starter before the two of you take it away to discuss. Things like “What’s something new you haven’t tried together?” You can also pose anonymous questions to the community which are answered by experts.

The app is extremely accepting and has personalized paths and journeys for all genders and orientations. No matter what it is you are missing, you will likely find answers and tools within Coral. If you want to do better pleasing your partner or want to feel more connected, Coral has you covered.

coupleness app

Coupleness: Active Love - Useful tools for any relationship

Three. Minutes. A day. That’s all Coupleness is asking from you. Simply jump in when convenient for you and answer the daily question. This will give you an idea of how you and your partner are feeling about the relationship and often open up new topics of conversation.

The daily tracker posits a question about how you’re feeling and what’s affected you. React quickly with emoji for how you feel and the app’s list of influencing factors for each of the quick questions. Optionally expand on your thoughts with an open-ended free space. You can also respond with GIFs, all from within the app.

For those that like to journal, this app is a great place to do that too. It’s optional but ties that quick entry to the day for you to look back on alongside your reactions from the daily queries. When things need more color or explanation, these little entries can be helpful.

Coupleness contains several professionally-developed “Relationship Boosters” that will help your relationship such as how to reduce screen time and increase cuddling. There are additional tips, articles, and questions you can answer for further work in your relationship.

My favorite part of the app is the insights page. You can view your insights, your partner’s insights, and insights on your relationship as a whole. Coupleness will give you a daily rating for your relationship, top feelings between the two of you, and the biggest negatives and benefits each of you specified.

By exploring these insights you can learn a lot. You can see how work or weather may be wearing the two of you down but see how spending time with the kids is cheering you up. Leaning into these insights can put the two of you on the right track.

Gathering this information is quick, easy, and painless. If you and your partner can commit to those few minutes, you’ll gain otherwise overlooked information to keep you in step.

between app

Between - A private messaging app for couples

Cutesy alert! Between is an app that loves to brag how much it is loved by couples. Keep track of special occasions, send private messages, and cover your pics in tons of animated gifs and stickers. While animated bunnies with bouncing hearts aren’t my thing, my wife can’t get enough. Point to you, Between.

This app is a clever way to track your relationship together. Snap photos and outfit them with the aforementioned stickers but organize them into albums as well. Lovingly look back at your Christmas party, your last weekend date, or your trip to the Grand Canyon. All of those albums are then displayed as the “story” of your relationship over time.

Use the integrated calendar to plan new adventures or events like a date night or anniversary party. These can be kept in the app where you can each see one another’s calendars. Between even has the ability to automatically calculate a countdown until those events to get you both excited.

Using the Messaging app is boring, Between combines messaging with fun themes and artwork as well as your calendars. It’s a great way to stay connected with your special someone in a private, secure way.

goodbudget app

GoodBudget - Track your expenses, together

Tracking finances can be a royal pain in the a—, well... you know. But it gets even more complicated when you merge your finances with your loved one. GoodBudget is a simple tracking app that makes that a reality with little effort.

The app itself is a fairly standard accounting app. Input your monthly expenses and income, denote any purchases you make, and see where you spend that money. Create a budget that works for you and your family by dolling out set amounts into each category — $150 for groceries, $100 for eating out, $1100 in rent, and perhaps an extra $175 for date night. Each time you spend something, add it to the app and “remove” the cash from the specific virtual envelope.

You can see how you hold onto your budget if you come in under-budget or overspend. The app is also able to show you your current debt. It visualizes all your debt sources and balances and how you’re doing at paying it down over time.

Do all of that while sharing with a loved one. Sync across both your devices and as each of you spend or pay off a bill, denote it in the app for both to see. GoodBudget won’t make you money, but it brings much more visibility to where it is spent. Start tracking together and practice a better financial responsibility as a couple.

love nudge app

Love Nudge - Speak in the language of love and connect with your partner

Let me put on my faux-therapist hat for a moment as I remind you how crucial communication is in your relationship. Whether it is about your finances, how you’re feeling, or in the bedroom... it all comes back to communication. Almost all the other apps in the list revolve around communication in some form or another. Love Nudge is different by focusing specifically on how you communicate in the five different languages of love: physical touch, acts of service, quality time, words of affirmation, and receiving gifts.

Love Nudge prompts you to take a short quiz to help identify which of the five love languages are most important to you. Do you prefer to hear “I love you” or would you rather receive a special surprise? Once you answer those questions you can send the quiz to your partner. Love Nudge then analyzes each of your answers to create personalized goals that speak to your partner’s desires.

Based on how your partner responded, Love Nudge will encourage you to perhaps cook dinner for your partner, ask about their day, or watch a movie together. You can carry these goals out and see how your relationship evolves.

You can also manually nudge one another from the app, encouraging one another when they’re doing well. You can also specifically highlight things they’ve done that you enjoyed or things they could do that you’d love.

As you complete these tasks and goals, you can watch your partner’s “love tank” fill up. An insights tab lets you see your progress over a week, month, or year so you can see how you or your partner put in the effort.

By knowing more explicitly what is important to your partner it makes it easier to fulfill their desires for your relationship. It takes out some — but not all — of the guesswork between the two of you. Help your relationship grow and improve as you get to know your partner better.

But enough about other people's apps.


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