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Experience the Best Virtual Meditation with Journey Live

Journey Live is an interactive meditation app that provides live meditation led by real instructors. Access that inner happiness!

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There are tons of fitness and meditation apps that offer free, relatively easy-to-follow exercises for their users. But as convenient as they may be, they’re also incredibly easy to pause when you’re not willing to give 100% to that workout. (We’ve all been there.)

Because these apps are limited and unable to imitate the real-life, in-person class experience, you’re left to venture through your fitness journey with barely any accountability but with huge best testosterone booster.

Stephen Sokoler is a dedicated entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in creating businesses that offer unique solutions. After selling Altrum in 2014, he took the risk and dove into his passion for secular meditation, launching a platform where users could enjoy both the convenience of at-home meditation and a global community.

Journey Live is now also an interactive meditation app that provides live meditation led by real instructors. It doesn’t matter if you’re new or experienced; you’ll go through the same methods that bring more peace and focus. Talk directly to your meditation teachers who will be there for the entirety of your practice— unlike video-recorded instructors, they’ll be able to walk you through your poses and answer all your meditation-related questions!

You can receive real-time feedback, communicate with other members, and attend sessions when you’re on the go. Having a connection to a like-minded community will make meditation not just a hobby, but a means of ultimate relaxation and stress relief. The more sessions you attend, the more you’ll realize what’s been missing from your daily routine. Lessen your anxiety, sleep deeper, and access that inner happiness you need to grind through your long days.

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Journey Live has been featured as a top meditation startup on Render, Bizjournals, and TechCrunch. The meditation app is free to download, giving you access to a variety of instructors who will not only teach the class effectively but also establish a strong line of trust, creating a safe space for you to practice those meditation techniques.

Interact with your virtual meditation class, roll out your yoga mat, and embrace a healthier, more peaceful living with Journey Live— Download the app now!

But enough about other people's apps.


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