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Best App for Layovers: Discover & Book Airport Lounges With LoungeBuddy

LoungeBuddy is an airport app that lets flyers browse and book airport lounges. Find and enjoy lounges that you never thought to discover!

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Some of our worst traveling fears are plane delays, and unfortunately, they happen to the best of us. But even when you find yourself being one of those unlucky flyers, you still deserve to enjoy all the amenities that the airport has to offer-- and that includes special lounge access.

LoungeBuddy began as a company hailing from tech-central San Francisco. Founded in 2014 by Tyler Dikman, it aims to provide comfort to users who have to stay at the airport during unexpected delays. Dikman ensured that his idea would transform what used to be a repetitive guessing game of finding the most convenient airport lounge into a simple search result.

LoungeBuddy is now also an airport app that lets flyers browse and book airport lounges. Similar to crowdsourced apps like AllTrails and Gasbuddy, it depends on photos and reviews left by other users to showcase all the lounges and amenities that are available for booking. Scroll for lounge hours, locations, ratings, and fees— find out which lounge is made for you!

With the Lounge Access Wizard, you can offer your flight and trip information in exchange for the lounges that you might be able to qualify for. Search through over 800 airports and 2,000 lounges to pick the one that will best alleviate the stress you receive from prolonged delays. Use your personalized Loungebuddy profile to choose your default airport while easily managing all account settings. In time, you’ll be sure to forget the grueling experience of having to wait for your plane.

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Mens Variety and Travel Codex are two of many platforms that claim Loungebuddy as a necessity for frequent travelers. The airport app is completely free with the exception of a few lounges that require a small fee. But if it means you can spend a few hours worry-free, it’s well worth the price. 

Find, book, and enjoy lounges that you never thought to discover. Download Loungebuddy and make the most of your trip!

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