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Save Gas Money With GasBuddy

Fueled's App of the Week brings you GasBuddy, a cheap gas finding app that keeps you in the loop on more affordable gas prices.

Calling all drivers (especially those in California) who’ve been dreaming of cheaper gas prices: you’ll want to read today’s App of the Week before heading to any random gas station.

We have handy dandy apps like Flush to find the nearest public bathrooms or Hooch to get free drinks at local bars. There’s even an app where you can browse and hire a dog walker for your furry companion. Almost any service you could possibly think of is at the tip of your fingers—all you need to do is search for it.

An ambitious team of businesswomen, engineers, and marketing experts brings you GasBuddy, a cheap gas finding app that keeps you in the loop on more affordable gas prices.

No matter where you’re headed—driving down your usual route for some late night grub or traveling to an unfamiliar part of town—this app will help you find and compare the rates of all the gas stations around you.

GasBuddy is an accountability partner that is fully committed to saving you money. You can filter searches by price, brand, and location to find a result that will not completely drain your wallet. The app also offers Pay with GasBuddy, which is a feature that saves you ten cents per gallon on your first fill up, and five cents per gallon on all fill ups after. It’s a slow and steady game, but they will add up.

GasBuddy has been featured on USA Today, New York Times, and CNN as a cheap gas-finding essential. Its community of drivers is directly responsible for the overwhelming success—and the app makes sure to reward them with valuable gas information, daily lotteries, and more in exchange for their reviews and tips.

Join the 70 million users who are contributing to this cheap gas finding app and bask in its life hacks for yourself. Don’t waste any more time (or money) and download GasBuddy!

But enough about other people's apps.

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