QuizUp Lands Some Sandwich Love

Fueled client, QuizUp, released a commercial with Sandwich video and we look back on our time working with them towards the success they have today.

There is almost nothing as satisfying, ego-boosting, and validating than competing against a perfect stranger in something and winning. No, not just winning: utterly destroying them with your endless cache of trivia knowledge. So Helga from Sweden says she’s an expert on fruits of the world; you’ll teach her a lesson.

This is what makes QuizUp, a mobile app coined as “The Biggest Trivia Game in the World” one of the most successful and addicting apps on the market today. Add to that the ability to chat during gameplay, challenge friends, and other interactive capabilities, and you’re looking at an app with the perfect combination of entertaining gameplay and personal connectivity. It’s no surprise, then, that Sandwich, the place to produce startup/tech commercials, just released a video for QuizUp.


So, yea, here at Fueled we’re pretty big fans of QuizUp. Therefore, when they came to us in 2014 for help in designing their app for a new platform launch on Android, we experienced what one might term a “fan girl moment” (e.g. dancing up and down collectively in our office on our tippy toes).

Seinfeld excited dance

By combining forces with their development team based out of Iceland, we worked together to re-design their app for Android, aware of maintaining certain characteristics from the iPhone app while also tailoring it to the Android device. What resulted was a highly successful Android app that was just as entertaining and accessible as the iPhone version. Maintaining this level of parity was important to both Fueled and QuizUp developers, and allowed the app to continue its growth on both devices. One measure of success? Within months of launching, the QuizUp app hit #1 in the Android Store. Take a more in-depth look at the process by reading about it in our case study.

Where is QuizUp today? Besides expanding to 75 million users worldwide with its mobile app (now for two platforms), it was announced at the end of September 2015 that it is being developed into its own game show on NBC, also called QuizUp. This recent video from Sandwich is also a major step for achieving greater exposure, already garnering over 16,000 views.

Sandwich has produced commercials for other such outstanding companies like Slack, Groupon, Warby Parker, and Airbnb. With this video, QuizUp, and by extension Fueled, are now among some pretty great company. We can’t wait to see how our client continues to succeed and how we can help in the future just in the way we did in 2014 with their Android app development.

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