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Snapette Zooms In

Snapette, seen as the fashion world’s riff on Foodspotting, allows users to browse and post photos of to-die-for shoes and bags. The photos, or snaps, range from Ferragamo pumps to Chanel purses, providing ample eye candy for fashionistas. Founded by Jinhee Ahn Kim and Sarah Paiji, the app lets users include the location, store, and brand of the items in their photos. Users can also comment on photos that they did not take themselves, adding information and opinions on products. Viewers can narrow their photo searches to find items from nearby stores or to hunt down a coveted store or brand’s fashions. The app also has an aptly-named Collections section, which allows users to see the, well, collections at boutiques in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and London.

A Mobile App for Fashionistas

Each Snapette user has a profile with sections for snapped and liked photos. Like on Twitter, the Snapette profile also shows each user’s followers and whom each user is following.  And, if one platform is not enough for Snapette users, they can add their snaps to their Facebook and Tumblr accounts.  However, fashionistas who want Snapette also have to be Apple lovers--the app is only available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


Snapette is like shopping with friends--tons of friends, from around the world--and looking at fashion magazines, all on a screen. It’s a great way to find out where you can buy that Hermes handbag without wearing out your Louboutins, and it also lets you look at pretty pictures while sitting around in your sweats. If you’re into fashion, this app should be fun--but some people might find the focus on shoes and bags to be too limited.

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