This Week in Mobile: Uber, Lyft, Apple Sapphire, and Katy Perry

Apple Sapphire, and Katy Perry! Learn everything important that is going on in the mobile development world this week!

Here at Fueled, a design and development company based in New York and London, we are obsessed with everything that happens in mobile, be it rumors of iPhone hardware, delectable Android updates or new apps we love.

Every Friday, we’d like to help you top up your weekly knowledge of the mobile industry so you can keep your finger on the pulse.

Uber vs. Lyft


This week, Lyft claimed that Uber employees had requested and canceled as many as 5,560 Lyft rides in the past 10 months. This accusation comes at the height of a vicious (and very public) war between the two ride share companies. via VentureBeat

Apple HealthKit


There were reports this week that Apple has been discussing how its Healthkit could work with health providers at major hospitals in the United States, including Johns Hopkins and Mount Sinai. There isn't much information about Healthkit available, but it is expected to be incorporated into the new iPhone 6. A new frontier in mobile healthcare is on the horizon!

Apple Sapphire


Great news for drunk fraternity brothers and klutzes around the world: the Wall Street Journal confirmed this week that the new iPhone 6 and iWatch will use a scratch-resistant sapphire display instead of glass. via WSJ

Cool App: Spring


Although everyone is talking about Humin, we're excited by another app release this week: Spring. Spring is an ecommerce app that lets you seamlessly shop on your phone from a carefully curated community of brands. The app is beautiful and it makes the ecommerce experience easy. via Forbes

Katy Perry and a Happy Barista


Is it just us or has the world completely gone to shit? If you're looking to warm the cockles of your heart, look no further than this Twitter tale about Katy Perry and a very, very happy barista.

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