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Will FaceTime Audio Change the Way We Communicate?

  Two of our Fueled team members took to VentureBeat to explain why we should be paying attention to an iOS 7 app that many…


Two of our Fueled team members took to VentureBeat to explain why we should be paying attention to an iOS 7 app that many have ignored: FaceTime Audio.

In an article that uncovered lesser known iOS 7 features, Fueled Founder Rameet Chawla explains why FaceTime Audio has the potential to compete with VOIP service providers like the much loved, but issue prone service, Skype.

"Underwhelming? Think again. With iMessage, Apple completely changed the landscape of text messaging. Imagine how much money phone service providers lost in the past years because of revenue iMessages snatched from their offered data plans. With FaceTime Audio, a similar change could occur with phone calls."


In another article entitled, ""Is FaceTime Audio Apple's Trojan Horse?" Fueled's Head of Product, Andrew McLeod highlights FaceTime Audio's distinct advantages.

Andrew thinks FaceTime Audio could tackle bigger competitors than Skype. He explains how, despite an unappealing name, FaceTime Audio could take down cellphone service providers altogether.

There are six hundred million iOS devices globally with 90% of the devices using the latest operating system that includes iMessage. But it's not just Apple's reach that gives them the advantage, they'll be able to crush the competition by doing what Apple does best:

"Unlike anyone else, Apple has the means and wherewithal to severely damage cell phone giants and disrupt the business plans of their largest tech industry competitors in one fell swoop. They can do it by beating everyone the Steve Jobs way: not just by winning in price, but by offering a superior service in a fully integrated, seamless experience."

FaceTime Audio also provides a sharper, higher quality sound than traditional phone calls by utilizing the technology known as "Wideband Audio." The difference is as clear as comparing a 1970's television set to a IMAX screen. Once you hear the difference, you're unlikely to want to go back to regular cell phone calls. Plus, the service is free.

Andrew concludes that FaceTime Audio's superior quality, paired with the reach and appeal of the Apple brand, will make cell phone providers a thing of the past, gone the way of the dinosaur.

Both articles can be found on VentureBeat here and here.

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