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Dog walking app Wag! will teach you how to take care of your dream pup, and let you hire reliable walkers to do it while…

Wag Dog Walking App

For dog owners in need of a walker, Wag! has an on-demand walker service where you can have a walker at your door in 15 minutes or less. Or just schedule walks ahead of time — whatever floats your boat. Leave customized notes for walkers about special needs for your dog (s) and home.

While your pup is on their walk, Wag! makes sure you always know exactly how good boy or girl is doing. This Los Angeles based app features live GPS tracking and a walk report card to ensure your walker is being as transparent and responsible as possible with your favorite furry friend. Once the walk is over, securely pay your walker in the app, no need to fuss with petty cash.

Wag Dog Walking App Screenshots

Review and rate walkers and book your favorites for future walks or dog-sitting appointments. Wag! will also provide a free Lockbox for any customer who needs to give spare keys to their walkers but can’t make it for a handoff. So you don’t have to worry while you are at work.

But our favorite part of the Wag! dog walking app is that it’s great for all dog lovers. Wag! includes advice for each breed, including how much exercise they need, grooming tips, and other important health advisories. These help every dog owner learn more about their pets, and take better care of them in the future. It’s a win-win for everyone, especially your dog. The super cute Wagmoji are just the cherry on top.

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