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This Week in Mobile Vol. 4

We're especially excited to see what happens with the iPhone in China as Apple has recently secured a license to run on China's wireless network.…


Here at Fueled, a mobile development company based in New York and London, we are obsessed with everything that happens in mobile, be it rumors of iPhone hardware, subtle Android updates or new apps we love.

Every Friday, we’d like to help you “top up” your weekly knowledge of the mobile industry so you can keep your finger on the pulse. Here’s what went on this week in mobile.

iPhone, Glorious iPhone


Unless you've been living under a boulder, you are are well aware that Apple introduced iOS 7. As predicted, Apple debuted two phones: the 5S and the 5C.

For the most part, all the iPhone rumors turned out to be true. We have a gold, a space gray,  and colorful plastic. There's a fingerprint sensor, increased social integration, and even a better camera. Since Wednesday's announcement, every website and their cousin is covering the release and a few of our favorite overviews can be found herehere and here.

We're especially excited to see what happens with the iPhone in China as Apple has recently secured a license to run on China's wireless network.



Twitter announced (on Twitter) that it has filed with the SEC to go public. They're trying to go about it quietly, and filed under a "secret IPO". Under this confidential filing, companies that that make less than $1 Billion annually can go public without releasing financial data. We imagine that Twitter is just shy of the billion dollar mark. Exciting news!

Did you hear about what Twitter is doing for their verified users? What snobs!

Nokia Leaks

HTC One_Silver_3V

New leaks this week show both the HTC Harmony and the Nokia Sirius Tablet. The Harmony will look similar to the HTC One, but with Windows phone software. It looks really slick and will have the same high res camera. Rumors of the tablet, named Sirius, say that it has a 1080p screen, a quad-core chip and will most likely set you back $500. As we mentioned last week, the Lumia 1520 is rumored to launch at the end of September.

Facebook Commercials


As we learned earlier this summer, Facebook has 819 million mobile users. To turn those users into money makers, Facebook is currently testing auto-playing video on a subset of Facebook mobile users. As you scroll up, ads will automatically play without being prompted, similar to videos on Vine but more annoying. Although the videos aren't ads yet, Facebook mentioned in a blog post that they will "continue to explore how to bring this [technology] to marketers."

Mobile McDonald's

Activity 055

McDonald's announced that the company is testing out a new app that would allow mobile payments at select McDonald's locations in the US. Apparently, Americans are eating out less and the McDonald's empire is desperately seeking ways to make it easier to stock up on Egg McMuffins, McWraps and quarter pounders with cheese.

What do you think were the big mobile stories this week? Let us know in the comments!

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