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Fueled is a full-service digital transformation agency. When we work with you, we want to make sure your site works and launches seamlessly, but most importantly generates results. Whether it’s mobile or desktop, we’re here to help. Our standards of quality are continuously changing to remain updated with industry standards. Our guidelines for coding are created by our team but inspired by what’s trending and what’s best for you. This allows for a consistent coding style and accessible readability, whether it’s reading up on the latest publications or attending conferences, we stay in the know so our clients remain competitive. We also put what we learn into practice by incorporating new technologies through internal experiments.

There’s quality, and then there’s Fueled quality. When it comes to making sure what we developed works, we utilize a balance between automated and human testing. We have adopted the practical test pyramid to guide us in testing our programming. Automated testing is used first to check the integrity of the code; varying between unit, integration, and end-to-end testing allows us to see fast and reliable results. Running automated testing first provides more support and allows us to narrow in on what should be the focus for manual testing. Manual testing follows to ensure that we are developing a cutting-edge site that’s up to par with your business standards.

Our team is built upon our ethos; we look for developers that are creative problem solvers. Rather than hiring developers who are comfortable churning out code in a specific language, we look for people who want to continuously learn and are relentlessly curious. We know a Fueled developer when we see one - they’re passionate about the platform and the language that they code in. Our hiring process includes a rigorous assessment to ensure that they’ll excel on any project that comes their way. When you work with Fueled, you’re working with highly competent and eager developers who are ready to make your brand known.

Why Should You Prioritize Web Development?

You’re probably asking yourself: why does my company need web development? Maybe you’re a new startup looking to make yourself known. Maybe your company currently relies on an app-only experience. Or maybe you have a website, but it’s UI/UX is still living in the 90’s. No matter your situation, there’s a multitude of reasons to consider web development.

You have a product or service; great, we love that. Now, let’s increase your brand’s visibility. Having a website establishes your company’s presence beyond word of mouth. A website serves as a home-base where customers can learn who you are and what you can do for them. Many companies utilize their website as a host for their portfolio and services, allowing them to establish credibility with potential consumers. Here in 2019, most of your competitors are spreading the word about their products online.

In this digital age, companies with a website are viewed as more credible than their competitors without a website. But just having a website isn’t going to cut it. Having a quality website that is user-friendly, reliable (about 53% of users will abandon a site if it takes more than three seconds to load) and relevant is crucial when establishing your business. Having a good website will not only establish your brand but establish you as a reliable resource.

It’s time to meet your customers where they are: online. A website serves as an extension of your brand, so it’s crucial to make yourself available across all platforms. Whether it’s on a desktop computer (yes, customers still use these), a laptop, or on the latest mobile device, having an online presence ensures consumers can learn who you are wherever they are. Your business hours might be 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but a website allows your business to keep running, outside of business hours. With a digital portfolio or storefront and a contact form you create a passageway to continue to collect leads and communicate directly with your audience.

Having your services centralized in an app is great, but when users encounter a problem or need to find a service, they’re more than likely going to Google (not the App Store) to find a solution. Google alone receives about 63,000 searches per second. Google and other search engines will lead searchers to relevant websites in an effort to help them find what they’re looking for, and that’s where you come in. Making yourself available on the web allows for your brand to serve as a resource when consumers need you most.

You have a website, great. But if your website can’t be found, then there’s little purpose of having a site at all. That’s where our SEO services come in. When your site is optimized for search engines, it’s more likely to rank well for higher visibility on Google. The top result on Google receives nearly 33% of search traffic and nearly 92% of traffic comes from results on the first page. Therefore, it’s important to prioritize SEO so your business can gain the most ROI from your website. Our services are key to exposing your brand to users who may not know about you. We know the top SEO tactics and trends to get your site the visibility it deserves, so your site can unlock the most value for your business.

Services like GoogleAds increase visibility for your business, but for a pretty penny. Optimizing your site for search engines allows you to reach consumers organically without having to break the bank. Though users can surely spot a paid search result, the statistics show that users trust organic results more than paid results; 51% of web traffic comes from organic results compared to 10% coming from paid results. Optimizing your site for organic search results allows you to allocate your funds elsewhere so you can continue to get discovered by consumers searching for your services.

Fueled’s Digital Transformation Services

Here at Fueled, we also offer a wide variety of digital transformation services. We’re willing to challenge traditional boundaries by tackling all facets of tech, from newer buzzwords like blockchain and AR/VR to good old fashioned mobile app development.

Our highest priority is to flesh out products that are the result of hard research, robust analytics, and multi-step optimization for your company’s strategy and direction. As a solid team of digital growth consultants, seasoned project managers, and UI/UX experts, we take full advantage of opportunities or openings others might have missed by providing services in:


New York Times company Wirecutter came to Fueled looking to keep users engaged with their product recommendation website. Introducing new features like User Profiles and Activities, users were able to select their interests for more relevant content and save content for later to keep users coming back to the site. In the end, we rolled out new features and optimized their site for mobile and desktop.

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KeeToo came to Fueled looking to establish a mobile and web presence for their eCommerce and ticketing platform. Launching a website allowed KeeToo users to purchase cost-friendly tickets as a “key to” to explore the sights of London.

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With over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 1 million followers on Instagram, international yoga teacher, Kino MacGregor, was looking to establish her presence beyond social media. Coming to Fueled with the idea of an on-demand yoga TV network, we built the personalized platform that she was looking for. With the Omstars website, Kino is able to provide yogis around the world a more customized platform to find their zen.

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