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A Reward for Every App Recommendation

We love apps and we love telling the world about them. BuzzDoes, a newly launched marketing tool for apps, makes this process mutually rewarding for app developers and users. With the ever-increasing number of mobile apps, as well as the overwhelming options in each category, it can be mind-boggling to pick one out of the magic box.
One of the strongest tools for app marketing is word-of-mouth. When you’re confused about which app could be the best for you, you just ask a friend which one they use. It’s the simplest and most hassle-free way. BuzzDoes is adding incentive to this process so that you don’t have to ask your friends what apps they like best; they can just announce it with BuzzDoes and get rewarded for it. Rewards are in the form of BuzzDoes points that can be redeemed for cash, coupons, and other apps. But it doesn’t end at the recommendation: BuzzDoes is able to note when a user downloads an app based on a recommendation. Brilliant.

Adding BuzzDoes to your app is easy: it’s one line of code that you add to your app design and you’re set. As soon as a user likes your app and wants to recommend it to their friends, they can go to the BuzzDoes icon and message their friends. To stop users from mindlessly recommending apps to friends, the start-up has set a limit on the number of recommendations you can send out at one point in time.

There is also a social dynamic to BuzzDoes. When you recommend an app to your friends, you can see all the apps that they are downloading at that point. It’s easy to touch on the icon of the app you’re interested in and download the app on your phone immediately.

For app developers, BuzzDoes is a gift. You don’t have to pay for the basic features of BuzzDoes, which means you have no costs until to decide to upgrade your account and get additional features like reports, customized rewards, and multi-language support. You don’t even have to pay until you actually receive users because of recommendations made through BuzzDoes.  This model of pay-per-recommendation takes a step further from the usual pay-per-click Internet marketing model.

BuzzDoes launched two weeks ago and it already has over a 100 developers using it to spread the word about their app. The response has been great, which reflects the need for more marketing tools for the 600,000 applications on the iOS store itself.

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