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Sequel Tracks All Those Summer Movies (and More!)

I’m a sucker for movies and TV. I love the whole process of how they get made and I love following along from casting announcements…

I’m a sucker for movies and TV. I love the whole process of how they get made and I love following along from casting announcements to getting to watch them at home or in the theater. But with some many streaming services, I’m admittedly terrible at keeping track of what is new, when stuff launches, and where to watch it. I’ve written about media tracking apps in the past but Sequel has only recently popped up on my radar, and I’m loving it.

Out of the gate, Sequel isn’t just for movies and TV. It tracks all media types, including games, books, and audiobooks too. As you go, you can track your progress which is reflected in the app and allows you to better visualize your current obsessions. Media pages are very well designed with massive artwork at the top that fades to a color-matched gradient at the bottom. It reminds me a little bit of how Apple handles colors in the Music app.

When you choose a movie or TV show, it gives you all the places you can find that content. It shows where it is streaming so you can jump directly there to watch — assuming you were watching it on your phone. This is a constant pain point for me so having all paid and free options available is one of the best reasons to download this app at all. Of course the cast, trailers, and extras are shown too.

If you add items to your favorites or watch list, you can get notifications so you never miss a release, even without opening the app. There are countdown widgets for the Home Screen and Lock Screen, or highlighting your up next queue. Plus, it uses iCloud to sync across all your devices.

There’s plenty more to Sequel as you explore. For video games, you can track how long it takes to play the whole thing, user ratings for media, and unlimited user-created collections. For anyone who feels overwhelmed by the steady release of new content, Sequel is for them.

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