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FastMinder Makes Fasting Manageable

First and foremost — I’m not recommending you to try fasting or that it can help you in any way. I’m in no way qualified…

First and foremost — I’m not recommending you to try fasting or that it can help you in any way. I’m in no way qualified on matters of metabolic effectiveness. I can however speak in-depth on the thoughtful app design. When I saw FastMinder, I wanted to add it to my list.

The app’s premise is straight forward. Create your fasting schedule and it helps keep you on track and lets you know when it is time to eat again. It sounds easy, but to create this needed an entirely custom interface system. It is shown as a circle of different segments that are colorcoded with different icons. Each segment slowly fills as you are fasting so that you can see visually — and understand numerically — how far you are through the fast each stretch.

To program this, it pulls up this clock face where you can adjust the time and the colored portions move to your changes. It’s really cool. This could have been done with sliders or simple text entry but the clock makes it much easier to understand what you’re getting in to. There are also recommended fasting plans preloaded that you can read about and choose based on your goals. And tolerance for not eating, I guess!

When you scroll down on the main tracking interface, the circular widget collapses into multiple sections at the top of the screen. It’s a great visual but also lets you keep an eye on it while you’re entering data or looking at other information. It also pulls in your hydration, weight, and steps. This can be entered into the app or pull natively from the Health app. The last great page I saw was the stats tab. This look every much like the stock Health interface. Is it a copout to just copy Apple’s sleek design? Maybe… but it also looks great and makes a more cohesive user experience throughout iOS. It has small rounded rectangular boxes on top with numbers and icon and then graphs below forecasted over various periods of time.

Ok, wrapping this up with all of the ways FastMinder ties into iOS, rather than just support for the Health app. All of your data syncs, not just with Health, but iCloud too. So all of your schedules and other data is being backed up and moves between your various devices. It supports system-wide dark mode so it changes as your phone does. There are new interactive widgets — fresh for iOS 17 — and Live Activities for the Lock Screen. Lastly, it has a gorgeous Apple Watch app. It has these slick gradient backgrounds you don’t often see on Apple’s wearable and is much more full featured than other watchOS apps.

If you want to try fasting, or you already are trying it, this is the app I’d recommend. It seems like it will give you your best shot versus staring blindly at the clock and counting down the minutes until you can eat again.

But enough about other people's apps.


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