Award-Winning Seattle App Development

Fueled has spent the past decade building chart-topping apps for clients like Verizon, MGM and QuizUp. Our agile teams of product managers, designers, and Seattle app development specialists work together to create iOS and Android applications for enterprise and startup clients.

Award-Winning Seattle App Development
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What isFueled

In the 1950s, the creation of the Boeing headquarters propelled Seattle forward as an industrial city. Since then, Seattle has remained one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. In the 1980s, Microsoft was founded in the nearby city of Tacoma, a major first step in the area’s transformation into a modern tech hub. In 1994, Amazon was founded and headquartered in Seattle. These global companies came from modest beginnings in a city that is still doing revolutionary work in the fields of biotech, aerospace, computing and film.

Fueled builds apps for enterprise and Fortune 500 leaders. Our work with Rite Aid, 9gag, and Exosome positions us as the perfect company to develop products for the life science and entertainment juggernauts of Seattle.

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Seattle App Development isthe Epicenter of Cutting Edge Science Technology

Seattle startups raised $1.7 billion in venture capital in 2017. Life and Biotech companies are a major contributing factor to this total. Global biopharmaceutical company Celgene recently agreed to buy Seattle-based life science company Juno Therapeutics for $9 billion. Juno is researching advanced immunotherapies for cancer patients. They have grown to a 500 employee company since being founded in 2013.

M3 Biotechnology is launching a trial for a drug that could halt or reverse Alzheimer’s. The healthcare tech developers just closed an investment round totaling $26 million from VCs including Dolby Family Ventures and Kayne Capital. Aerospace industry leaders in both the space travel and airline industries call Seattle home. Major airline Alaska Air was founded in

Seattle in 1932 and is now valued at over $2 billion. Spaceflight Industries is the first of its kind, attempting to make space travel affordable to consumers. The space travel company recently raised $150 million in funding to further the efforts of their two projects; Spaceflight, focused on launch data, and BlackSky, a prototype satellite first launched in 2016.

Award-Winning Seattle App Development

Seattle Mobile Tech isCreating The Future of Entertainment

Over the years, entertainment has become a major part of the Seattle’s identity and culture. In the past decade, the Seattle Film Festival has grown to be one of the cities longest city-wide events, spanning 400 films over 25 days at 2018’s festival.

FiLMiC is an Android and iPhone filmmaking app was created by talented and emerging Seattle app development team. It has an advanced feature set that has garnered critical praise - the company has even started their own short film contest offering $25,000 in prize money.

Using iPhone apps to shoot film isn’t just for indie filmmakers anymore. Acclaimed Hollywood director Steven Soderbergh (Ocean’s Eleven, Magic Mike) shot his most recent film, Unsane, using FiLMiC. In conjunction with iPhone-compatible lens and cases from Seattle-based hardware manufacturer Moment, Unsane was created entirely using iPhone apps. Truly, the best mobile film hardware and apps are being made in Seattle. Apps like FiLMiC have increased the production value and viability of movies shot on iPhones. Hardware and apps from companies like Moment have 

boosted the career of many young filmmakers and photographers and reduced barriers to entry in an industry where creativity should thrive. Cross Reality (XR) is making huge leaps in Seattle, with companies like Pixvana and HaptX making huge strides in the VR, AR, and Mixed Reality fields. Pixvana, an XR company focused on immersive video storytelling, raised $14 million from Microsoft and other top VCs last year. HaptX has created VR haptic feedback gloves that feel straight out of Ready Player One, bringing realistic force feedback and precision tracking to XR experiences.

Seattle App Developers AreRaising Millions In Funding

Across industries, Seattle app development projects are climbing the charts. Established Seattle aerospace industry leader Alaska Airlines has created one of the highest rated and most popular travel apps in the app store. Remitly, a fintech organization in Seattle, has an international money transfer app allowing people in major countries across the world to send money to banks and cash pickup locations. The app is among the top 

finance apps in the App Store and maintains a 4.8 star rating. Seattle healthcare apps are raising serious VC cash. Xealth is a digital healthcare platform that provides the backbone for digital prescription apps UPMC and Providence Healthcare Network, which allow doctors to more easily prescribe medication to patients. The startup raised $8.5 million in capital in 2017 to grow this platform to mobile and beyond.

Seattle App DevelopmentApp Development Costs For iOS And Android

Building a mobile app for aerospace engineers, doctors, or even filmmakers requires a specialized set of skills. These industries require their iOS and Android apps to stand out from competition, be consumer friendly and have robust backend integrations with third-party APIs. This is where Fueled comes in.

We have a dedicated team of architects, strategists, designers, and developers that have made apps across dozens of industries. We deliver return on investment by building a feature set that will create a valuable user experience while making our clients’ budgets back and then some.

We will dedicate a passionate team of product specialists to create the next big mobile app for your company.

Award-Winning Seattle App Development

Fueled BringsAward-Winning App Development to Seattle

At Fueled, we build products that win in the marketplace. We want to work with to create exciting new products and a bright future for Seattle app development. So what do you think? It’s time to build a mobile app? We were thinking the same thing. Whether you're based in Seattle, Bellevue, or nearby neighborhoods, our team is on alert and ready to tackle your project to make the best app possible.

If you have any questions about Fueled, Seattle app development, or just want to chat, pick up the phone. We are here to work for you.

Award-Winning Seattle App Development
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