An App Development Company Like None Other

Fueled is the world’s top-ranked app development company. We’ve built apps that have generated billions of dollars in revenue, with hundreds of millions of users.

What’s our secret? A highly curated team of outside-of-the-box thinkers, lean product-first methodology, and an obsession with making game-changing mobile apps.

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The best clients


The startups we work with are high-growth, high-intensity organizations. Speed is a priority. These companies come to Fueled for app development often because they don’t have the time or resources to build out an entire team from scratch, so when they need people who can get things done, they choose Fueled.

Our understanding of iPhone, Android, iPad and web-based technology lets us bring a new level of expertise to your company. We know how to strategize and develop apps that users love and that are prepared to scale.


We’re one of the only app development companies that can build amazing products in extreme enterprise environments. Big companies want to move quickly, but it takes a lot of time to turn a huge ship. Building out things internally can take years or might not even be possible.

Big brands companies come to Fueled because we know how to cut through red tape and we know to make things happen despite big hurdles.


In The Press

Design was critical in my choice of development firms. After reviewing nearly a hundred firms, I chose Fueled and the results have been nothing short of world class.

-Tony Alfaro, Ribbon

They seamlessly fused their unique style with our requirements to create a stunning and sophisticated model.

-Robert Prendimano, JobbHobb

Fueled at a service level looked like the best in terms of attention to detail. I think everything's done well. They really do everything well. All by the book.

-Peter Quinn, Matador

A track record of success

Whether the goal is to launch an MVP, grow an existing product, or start generating revenue, Fueled’s app development has proven to help clients bring their business to the next level:


Our version of QuizUp for Android has achieved over 50 million app downloads, over 1 billion games played, and $40 million in VC funding.


We brought one of the world’s favorite photo-editing apps, Afterlight, to Android. The app has since been downloaded over a million times.


Andela worked with Fueled for branding and raised $40 million in VC funding shortly thereafter.


After we brought the Warby Parker app to the App Store, the company raised over $370 million in VC funding.


Iroko, a client who leveraged Fueled’s services for iOS and Android development, has seen more than 1 million app downloads.


Our client Ideeli raised over $100 million in VC funding after we released their iOS app, and was later acquired by Groupon.


We have won all the usual agency awards...

But these are the ones we are most proud of: