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Robokiller Finally Ends Those Spam Calls

These days it may feel like we live in a divisive world, yet I bet we can all unanimously agree that robocalls and robotexts are…

These days it may feel like we live in a divisive world, yet I bet we can all unanimously agree that robocalls and robotexts are absolutely abhorrent and need to end. They’re annoying, predatory, and in many cases — illegal. They’ve gotten worse in recent years and I finally started looking at ways to end them for myself. The app that stood out in my search was Robokiller.

What’s funny to me, is that a good spam-killing app will live in the background. So what possibly could you need to access the app for if its main purpose is to just block calls and texts that come from spam? It should be entirely invisible to you. While in many ways, it is, Robokiller also adds plenty of extra value.

When a supposed robocall comes in, Robokiller will allow you to screen the call. It can show you the number, who it believes is calling you based on the number, and then a live voicemail of why they’re calling. You can then decide to answer or decline the call. It’s similar to Apple’s new Live Voicemail feature but has the added benefit of looking up the caller too.

If it is a spam call, Robokiller lets you turn on Answer Bots. These are robotic answering machines that will take the call on your behalf and waste the spammer’s time. Could be just silence, could be shouting back at them, and more. Robokiller has now more than 20 Answer Bots to choose from. You don’t have to use them, but it’s both fun and practical!

Robokiller is not just for phone calls. It’s also useful for texts. It can detect spam messages and sort them into other folders for transactions, promotions, and junk. This all happens in the native iMessage app. Robokiller is powered by machine learning as well, all onboard your iPhone, so it only gets better over time.

For those that don’t want to venture into the Robokiller app, you won’t have to. Just set it up and you’re good to go and forget about it. If you want the extra features, the Answer Bots, looking up numbers, and help monitoring your personal data, you can open the app at any time. It’s a great-looking app with clean, white backgrounds and easy to access settings. If you’re tired of the spam calls, this is the app I’d recommend.

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