Online Scammers Posing As Fueled

Fueled has been targeted by a group of online scammers. Fueled DOES NOT reach out via WhatsApp in regards to job postings, or investment services.

What's Going On?

We've found that there is a group of online scammers using the Fueled name and logo, along with fake documents and a bogus recruitment scheme, to lure people into a financial scam.

These bad actors seem to be phishing for victims through WhatsApp and posing as a recruitment company to entice individuals to work on app rating jobs. They ask victims to create crypto wallets and invest their own money in USDT (a type of cryptocurrency) to access supposed work assignments. They promise a commission, but sadly it's all a ruse, and the victims are losing their money.

Protect Yourself

Fueled DOES NOT reach out via WhatsApp messaging or other similar systems in regards to job postings or investment services.

If you have been affected or have more information that may help discourage this scam or stop it entirely, please reach out to us at [email protected]

If you're approached via WhatsApp by someone claiming to represent Fueled for job opportunities involving creating crypto wallets or suspicious work assignments, be cautious. Verify any job offer directly through official channels or the company's verified contact information.

When Did It Start?

Initially focusing in the UK, these scammers have now set their sights on the US and Canada. The volume of scams happening since May 2023 has increased substantially.

How Does the Scam Work?

Three fraudulent websites, masquerading as legitimate platforms, have so far been identified for soliciting fake work assignments:

Victims are promised various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether for their work. However, when it's time to cash out, they discover they can't withdraw their earnings. Worse yet, they've already invested their own money to access these 'pay levels'. Some victims were even asked to pay a 30% tax on commissions over $10,000. Once they reach this point, communication with the scammers goes silent.

Actions Taken and Protection Measures

Fueled is actively taking steps to combat this scam. We have researched FTC guidelines, sought assistance from Google Search Central and the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network, and offered support to victims. We encourage affected individuals to report the scam through Google's Phishing Report and the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network.


Scams like these are unfortunate, preying on unsuspecting individuals. Stay vigilant, and if something seems fishy, trust your instincts. Report suspicious activity, protect your personal information, and spread awareness to prevent more people from falling victim to these fraudulent schemes.

Remember, staying informed is the best defense against scams like this. If you suspect you've encountered a scam, don't hesitate to reach out to the proper authorities or the affected company directly to report it.

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