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The Hottest Startup On the Block: The Clean Cube Freshens Up Shark Tank

Fueled clients, The Clean Cube, make their debut on NBC's Shark Tank, to pitch their digital doorman service revolutionizing the service sector in NYC.

The future has arrived, people. Specifically, the future of all things delivery- and laundry-related: Clothing, packages, groceries, and more. Let us introduce to you The Clean Cube. Just like all modern-day technologies, The Clean Cube was born out of a need for ultimate convenience amid the hustle and bustle of the New York City lifestyle. Though laundry drop-off and delivery services were already plentiful, Ryan Agran and Arthur Shmulevsky, co-founders of The Clean Cube, saw there was room for even greater efficiency and streamlining.

The revolutionary idea? A storage/laundry/all-purpose storage unit that is essentially the doorman your building always deserved without the sky-high rents this entails. By partnering with Fueled during their app’s design stage, The Clean Cube has developed into a successful and practical product receiving praise from outlets ranging from Bustle to Daily Mail, and now NBC’s hit show, Shark Tank.

So how does a virtual doorman, the basic concept of The Clean Cube, work? Well, we can describe it or we can just direct you to the video below of Ryan and Arthur defending it on Shark Tank:

For all you non-visual learners, here’s the product rundown: The very first step in introducing The Clean Cube into your life is appealing to your landlord to install a Clean Cube unit in your apartment’s lobby (lobby being a gracious term here for what can be just a hallway). Dropping the hint can be as easy as, “Hey [insert landlord name here]: Have you heard of this hip, new digital doorman service? It’s called The Clean Cube and you get to advertise it as a building amenity without the price of a doorman, while we get laundry, storage, delivery, and even more services! What a win-win, right [wink. . .wink again]?”

Clean Cube Touch ScreenOnce you’ve masterminded your way into landing your building one of the units, you can create an account online and receive a passcode that provides access to each of the individual storage spaces. Bring down your laundry, charity donations, storage items, etc. and enter the passcode on the handy touchscreen (co-designed by Fueled!), which will let you know which unit is available for your items. The touch screen will also let you know if you have something waiting for you to pick up in another unit, which you can then access with the same passcode. The door automatically locks once you shut it, ensuring your items are safe and sound as they are whisked away to off-site, service partner locations before being returned promptly.

One of the other benefits is the ability to have packages delivered and stored in The Clean Cube, meaning you don’t have to stoop it outside of your apartment for hours in order to sign for your stuff or have it left out for others to steal. We can all recall that moment when we track our package, see it was delivered, check the lobby, and lo and behold: no package in sight. Don’t let that be you ever again by simply employing The Clean Cube.

The Clean Cube in UseThe Clean Cube was launched in 2013 in just a handful of residential buildings in NYC. Since then, it has grown to over 40 locations and experienced exponential growth in its revenue stream, earning about 50% of its revenue in 2015 in the last three months. With the base product and idea being of such high quality, rapid growth and media attention is bound to follow, which The Clean Cube is now experiencing.

Fueled helped The Clean Cube team design their flawless product, which makes digitizing the service sector a breeze with a user-friendly and efficient interface. With plans for even greater development and expansion of services, the potential for The Clean Cube continues to grow.

Here at Fueled, we look forward to seeing how our client takes over NYC and beyond: You can expect to see a Clean Cube unit in every non-doorman residential building and 24-hour public space around the city sometime in the near future.

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