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The State Of Cross-Channel Marketing

I found the recent report "The State of Cross-Channel Marketing" from MoEngage so interesting and insightful that I had to respond. Fueled and MoEngage have…

I found the recent report "The State of Cross-Channel Marketing" from MoEngage so interesting and insightful that I had to respond. Fueled and MoEngage have a strong partnership, so naturally I review a lot of their content. However, this piece was filled with so many great insights and learnings that I simply had to share more broadly.

To put it simply, the report concisely captures the enormous opportunity brands have to deliver on fundamental and proven tactics. A few key points stood out to me:

Lack of Cross-Channel Orchestration

The report outlines that only 33% of brands are capitalizing on mobile push as a tactic. This represents a massive lost opportunity. Engagement rates with push notifications can be up to four times higher than with email. Rates rise even higher when they're part of a personalized cross-channel effort.

Lack of Personalization

The statistics on how brands are using personalization were a bit disappointing. Only 37.8% are personalizing based on past purchases. All the research shows that customers expect hyper-personalization and that it's extremely effective. In a time when ROI is critical, this is the fastest path to driving results with your campaigns. We've been talking about personalization for years, and with tools like MoEngage, the capability is right in front of us.

Successful Brands De-silo Customer Engagement

The report points out that too often, marketers manage customer messaging operations by letting different teams work independently. I see this all the time: product teams leading the push strategy, marketing teams leading email, etc. This approach doesn't work. Leading brands are delivering their cross-channel (email, push, SMS, in-app) messaging campaigns from one unified platform.

Reluctance to Leverage AI

The report outlines that, while a majority of brands are now utilizing AI in their cross-channel marketing efforts, 22.8% have yet to integrate the technology into their strategy. With the amount of solutions AI offers, from generating content to predicting churn, this came as a surprise. Although it is still a fairly new technology, AI has already proved its staying power and usefulness. Those that fail to integrate it early on may soon find themselves at a disadvantage.

Empowering Brands for Cross-Channel Success

Improving your brand's cross-channel marketing can sound incredibly daunting, but our team at Fueled has developed a lean approach to helping quickly assess and implement these tactics. Rather than prescribing a one-size-fits-all solution, we prefer to work closely with each brand to understand their unique challenges and goals. Fueled can be your partner in the room that can jump into the data and configure the tools, so that marketing can do what it's amazing at.

For further details and to see more insights, read MoEngage's

"The State of Cross Channel Marketing"

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