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Threads Wants To Be A Better Twitter

I’ll admit, I’ve been a steadfast Twitter user for more than a dozen years. I guess I technically have to call it X now, but…

I’ll admit, I’ve been a steadfast Twitter user for more than a dozen years. I guess I technically have to call it X now, but the statement remains the same, I love the quick, shortened messages shared on Twitter and was very intrigued when Mark Zuckerberg’s new app Threads was aiming to do it better. Threads does seem to have been rushed to market to capitalize on the discourse surrounding X, but it has good bones that may or may not pay off long term.

Threads is doing a lot right in its initial releases. It didn’t want to rock the boat with the interface, locking a tried-and-true design that will feel familiar to any modern social media user. You have a five-icon dock on the bottom with custom iconography for home, favorited posts, crafting a new post, search, and your own profile. Rather than your commonplace hamburger menu icon it has a slightly modified version with two lines, slightly off kilter.

Creating a new Thread, or… post? I’m not exactly sure on the nomenclature here but it uses a popover modal that dims the background to retain focus on what you’re crafting. You can’t add polls or anything yet, but you can attach images. There’s no support or even the ability to link multiple posts, which makes things feel like an early version of Twitter without any bloat and just basic test posting.

Threads has its own pull-to-refresh animation too, filling in its cutesy @ sign with ink as you pull down and let go to see what new content has been posted. It has haptic too, as you pull down, the black portion of the logo follows the cursive line and as it gets to the beginning of the a, it pops, taps you, refreshes your feed, and flows back to the other end. Ever social app needs a pull-to-refresh animation that has become synonymous with mobile feeds.

Look, Threads has a lot of work to do. It has a solid start here with a clean, minimalistic Twitter clone that is trying to nail these basics as it expands its feature set. Recently we’ve seen new updates adding things like a web interface that go a long way. Who knows if Threads will take off as it adds features, but for now, it’s a fun sandbox to play around in, see what is possible with a new social network, and see how everyone responds. Meta has the pedigree to make something work but only time will tell how it pays off.

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