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Our Top Sites for Design Inspiration 31

Every week at Fueled, our London-based Creative Director, Rob Palmer, shares a handful of inspirational websites with our teams in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. This weekly email acts as a virtual water cooler, encouraging us to congregate across time zones and discuss what brands and blogs are doing to push new trends in web design.

Bastille: Eye Of The Stormers


The number of Spotify streams in a country contributes to the size of its "storm" in this wonderfully rendered globe promoting indie pop band Bastille's newest album.

Mijn Oasen

Mijn Oasen

You can be immediately sucked into this site with the HD-quality video intro (and adorable child subject), but the rest of the site keeps you engrossed. Thematic transitions, a bright color scheme, and high-resolution visuals are all noteworthy elements.



An entire event in the European country dedicated to graphic designers? Yep, buying the ticket to Poland now.

Le Gin de Cristian Drouin

Le Gin de Cristian Drouin

Part artistic expression, part advertisement, by the end of scrolling through this creative site all we really wanted in life was a G&T by Le Gin.


Laferrari Sapphire

The Hublot collaboration with Ferrari makes this experience feel like an action movie, but one where the sports car is actually a wristwatch.

Surf House Barcelona


If you need a vacation, you should just go to this site and vicariously live through what this Spanish restaurant/activities shop has to offer.

Labyrinth Club

Labyrinth Club

You'll get sucked in with the retro game intro screen and then stay to explore the upcoming events at this music venue.

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