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I’ll be honest — I don’t use a currency converting app all too often. When I travel, they come in handy but it isn’t an…

I’ll be honest — I don’t use a currency converting app all too often. When I travel, they come in handy but it isn’t an everyday application category for me. With Currenzy, I have started using it much more than I used to though.

Currenzy does a whole lot. At its core, you can use it as a basic currency conversion app. It supports more than 150 currencies across the globe. You enter the amount and the starting currency as well as what currency you want to convert to and you’ve got your new value. Fast and easy.

Beyond that, Currenzy has found a plethora of other ways to get in front of you that all feel very natural. You can launch a custom action that kicks open the camera app. Then any price tag in front of you will be changed via AR. Anywhere you are on your iPhone or iPad, copy the text and launch a quick access slide-over view of the app that will convert the money for you without having to load the whole app. Or see current rates on three different sizes of widgets.

The best use case though is with Safari. Currenzy has its own Safari integration that you can run while visiting a website. When triggered from the Share Sheet, it will magically swap out any currency on the page for whatever currency you prefer. No extra app, no typing, it just replaces the values directly on the page. It’s incredibly cool and seamless.

As I work on reviewing different tech products from around the world, I sometimes I end up on foreign sites that aren’t denoted in U.S. dollars. Currenzy will do the conversion for me and I don’t have to do anything other than enable it.

For pro users, Currenzy has several custom actions. You can automatically add tax or ATM fees to what you convert. Automatically launch the camera or share the final value. Bookmarks can be saved and protected with Face ID.

I haven’t used a bunch of conversion apps and used to just google the answer, but Currency’s creative approach has me hooked and it’s much faster and easier than what I did before. Plus, it looks great at the same time.

But enough about other people's apps.


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