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Foursquare Pages Get A Makeover

As Foursquare looks to extend its focus away from the gamification of location and seeks to curry favor with restaurants and other merchants, they’ve announced a revamped Foursquare pages feature.  Currently, pages are only available to brands, such as Zagat and Louis Vuitton, and offer users the opportunity to create collections of tips that can be uncovered upon a check-in.  As noted in an AdAge article, the makeover is a crafty method of not only increasing user involvement, but also generating more content. The new feature would enable any user, whether they’re a business or an individual, to create a page that others can follow.  The revision would offer businesses the convenience of being able to launch a page and create tips without having to wait for Foursquare to do it for them.  Furthermore, it would enable users to connect with other individuals without having to share their location with them.  Overall, extending the pages feature to all users seems like a smart way for Foursquare to drum up user engagement while simultaneously continuing to alter the way in which information is discovered and exchanged.

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