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Frontend Dev Challenge: Week 3

Every two weeks the Frontend Team at Fueled partake in a development challenge: a loose brief is given to the team on a Friday (with the briefs being decided by any of the team with a suitable idea), between Monday and Wednesday we build our solutions, and then on our weekly team call we each present our submission providing rationale and opening up a discussion – typically people talk about the bits they enjoyed, found tricky, and areas they’d have further elaborated on if they’d had the time.

The Brief

Using only HTML, CSS and JS create a 2D scene of your choosing. You may not use images (this includes inline/encoded SVGs). Bonus points for animation!

The Submissions

Timo Jedai

“I wanted maximum visual effect with minimum code – HTML canvas and CSS animations did the job!”
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View Timo’s submission

Harriet McMahon

“Following a step by step guide to drawing a cartoon dog and a reference image of my own dog I made this very good boy.”
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See the Pen
Good Doggo
by Harriet McMahon (@harrietmcmahon)
on CodePen.

Joe Richardson

“I’m a fan of minimal clock faces, so I was curious to see if I could make a simplified JS powered clock in 2 hours.”
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See the Pen
Dev Challenge, Week 3
by Joe (@dope)
on CodePen.

Rob Sterlini

“In my head a bike is a relatively simple set of components so drawing them with just CSS would be easy, but it turns out they’re super complicated and aren’t really made up of regular shapes – a bike with no breaks or pedals is the most I could manage in 2 hours.”
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See the Pen
by Rob Sterlini (@robsterlini)
on CodePen.

Next time…

This is a fortnightly endeavour, so stay tuned!

You can relive past challenges and get updates each time a new set of submissions is added by watching or starring the GitHub repo.

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