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Fueled’s Favorite Tools

These are the everyday items we use to make our workflow and business run smoothly.

Our Favorites

While we specialize in making mobile apps that make your life easier, there are tools that we use to make our own process of doing business and interacting with each other more fluid. These gizmos help us concentrate on building the best products for our clients and optimizing our efficiency in analytics, communication, and so much more.


Being a tech company, it’s important for us to bring the way we run into the future with other impressive tech innovations. Since we’re a small team, we need all of the best resources at our disposal to not slow us down. Check out some of the best products that we use below!

Organize All The Things

Trello is simple, and that’s why we love it. It’s easy to group your ideas, or projects, into boards. Tasks can be assigned as cards, with specifics like end dates and multiple task steps, and you can make comments to keep everyone updated. Everyone on the team can assign tasks to anyone, including him or herself. Organize your tasks with: to do, doing, and done so you always know where you’re supposed to be.

The service is cloud based so tasks can be accessed at anytime from anywhere!


Link Your Way To The Top

BuzzStream is a SEO marketer’s best friend and unlike any other CRM on the market. It keeps track of links that have been built and every PR relationship that we’re involved with. We never lose email conversations since BuzzStream saves all of the correspondences with influencers once we’ve input them into the system.

Not only can you input the influencers you’re already in contact with, Buzzstream helps you search for new ones that are relevant to the content and products you’re trying to promote.

Buzzstream Tumblr

Tranquil Time Tracking

We left ADP back in the 20th century where it belongs. Harvest, a multiplatform integrated timesheet hybrid, is a more efficient way of keeping track of hours and invoices. Unlike clunky older programs, Harvest has simplified every process under the sun. Type in your time the old school way or use their convenient timer, put up easy-to-use desktop widgets, and set automatic reminders.

Harvest is incredibly convenient for teams because of its simple report system that’s able to track billable and non-billable hours, employees, and projects. We use it for everything.

Keep It Fresh

Simplicity is a big thing we look for in products that we use, and that’s exactly what FreshBooks offers our accounting team. Like Trello, it’s cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere on any device and all information that’s uploaded is automatically saved and stored. It’s also got great features that traditional accounting programs just don’t like team timesheets, twelve payment options for clients, and the ability to automatically import expenses from outside bank accounts.

It’s a powerful tool, with many more great features than the ones that we’ve listed here. We could spend all day talking about how much we can do with it but on to the next thing!


Meet Edgar enables you to create a content schedule

Edgar is the social media scheduling tool we've all been waiting for. It has streamlined social media to the point where we can start having fun with it again. I'm going to warn you now, once you use Edgar you can never go back. Edgar manages to take everything you love about other social media scheduling tools, simplifies it and add some new, clever features on top.

Get A Room!

We’re not talking about a room like that! Booking conference rooms can be such a pain when you’re doing it manually (does anyone actually do it that way anymore?) but we found a better solution. GetARoom makes it quick and easy to book the room you need at the time you want. Rooms can be set up across multiple spaces and reservations can be public or private. Search a date in advance to make sure there’s space open and easily check available scheduling.

Booking a room at Fueled is super simple and it can be for you too.

Sticky Sweet Communication

Honey has streamlined the way we communicate and share interesting things with each other. Honey is a streamlined, customizable news feed just like Facebook or Instagram, but it’s all about company community and culture. Just like almost everything else on this list, it’s multiplatform and easily accessible on mobile. Everything that’s done in Honey is archived and saved to users profiles. From their profiles, users can manage settings, notifications, and an array of other useful things.

Honey also allows you to track how your employees are engaging with the content their peers have posted and to see who really shines in the thought leader category.

Google Apps Extravaganza

The Google Apps Suite is an extensive tool, cloud based as well, providing your business with everything you could possibly need from email to cloud storage to analytics. All the controls are centralized in the Google Admin provided with the service which makes internal communication more fluid. Work can easily be shared through Drive and we love to use the Calendar for its alerts and reminders.

Google Tumblr

Drop Everything

If you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve really got a penchant for services that have cloud storage and Dropbox is no exception. It’s the apps primary, and only, function. Stored items can be shared between team members as well as outside clients and there’s multiple storage size options. All accounts are automatically private so there is no accidental sharing of sensitive files or information.

Get Tracking

Agile development is how we build all of our apps at Fueled and Pivotal Tracker is a great project management contraption. The main project page has one consistent view for all team members and resembles a large board. Workflow is easy to follow and broken down into simple “stories” that everyone on your team should understand. You can color code the progress of every piece of work, whether it’s close to launch or still in progress, and there are charts to help you map work trends.

Pivotal Tracker also offers third party integrations to make getting your project done even easier.

See The Big Picture

While Pivotal Tracker concentrates on all of the little details on individual projects, 10,000ft makes the bigger picture of all of your projects easier to manage. This tool lets you see who's working on what and when they’ll be available, in real time, across all projects that are going on. With integrated time tracking, comprehensive budget reports, seamless resource planning, and instant business analytics, there’s no way you can go wrong.

Down The Pipeline

Pipedrive is a huge help to our sales team and is a different take on CRM software. The pipeline view is broken down by sales process and events can simply be moved around with the drag and drop tool. But never fear, the timeline view works as the perfect sales manager and there’s a sales dashboard too! Everything in this program can be customized to fit your needs and projects. Pipedrive is serious about information safety and encrypts all of your sensitive information nightly to make sure that there are no leaks, especially between companies.

The program can easily be integrated with Google Apps and your work email (if it’s not a Google one).

No Slacking Allowed

Instant communication is important to move projects along, and there’s only so much regular messaging applications can do. Slack isn’t just a communication app, it’s a powerhouse. Messages, and whatever else you choose to add into Slack like emails and third party integrations, are all archived and searchable. Projects can be separated into different channels from one-to-one or group chats. Open channels allow everyone to see what’s going on all the time so constant meetings are no longer necessary.

Trust us, the five or more communication apps you’re using now will turn into one once you transition to Slack.

Just The Right Touch

Unfortunately, this tool is only for all of our fellow Mac users out there. BetterTouchTool gives you the control over your trackpad gestures that you’ve been wishing for. Add new gestures to simplify your tasks and snap all of your windows into place where you need them. It’ll make your trackpad experience more comprehensive than before.

Did we mention that it’s free?

Expand Your Horizons

TextExpander is a custom keyboard shortcut tool (only for Macs again, sorry Windows!). Instantly recall things you use often, set an autocorrect for typos you make the most, and even manage an entire collection of different email signatures that suit the different people you deal with.

That’s fourteen tools in all, and still counting! We’re always looking for that next big thing to make our business run even more smoothly than we thought it could, so let us know your favorite tools in the comments below.

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