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HP Rebounds: All-in-One PC Launch

Despite the staggering success of the fire sales of the HP Touchpad, the device’s failure has left a scar on the reputation of Hewlett-Packard. HP is in need of a comeback, and they hope that they’ve achieved that with the launch of their new family of all-in-one PCs. These PCs will have a keyboard, monitor and actual computer combined into one machine, with many of the versions of the PC having a touchscreen. These all-in-one PCs take up less space than standard computers and use less power. The different models of the touchscreen versions will sell for between $599 and $899 when they become available starting Sunday. Randall Martin, the chief design strategist at HP, was quoted saying, “This is designed to be the centerpiece of a home or small business where you really want to share it with multiple people. The idea was to create something iconic and eye-catching, but also the thinnest profile for a machine.”

For HP, this represents more than just their next line of computers. This is about saving face as a company. While the Touchpad managed to finally generate some positive headlines because of how it flew off shelves once its price was slashed, it was still a black eye for HP. This new line brings HP back to their familiar stomping ground of PC innovation. With a successful launch, the Touchpad fiasco could just become a blip on the radar. Without success here, it could be the start of a downward trend. These all-in-one PCs look strong, but the pressure’s building.

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