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Liftr — A Delightful Workout App for iPhone

Track. Everything. That’s the mindset behind the development behind the latest app I’ve become obsessed with. Liftr is a delightful workout-tracking app for iPhone that…

liftr appTrack. Everything. That’s the mindset behind the development behind the latest app I’ve become obsessed with. Liftr is a delightful workout-tracking app for iPhone that is surprisingly robust, frequently updated, a beautiful on the small screen.

I’ve never been a so-called “gym rat” but I have cared enough to work hard towards filling my Apple Watch ring one way or another. I don’t always go to the gym but I’ll turn on workouts for extra-hard yard work to make sure it counts. When I do workout in my home gym — a.k.a. half to the living room with a set of collapsable weights and a bench — I need some help keeping track of what I’m doing. I’ve legit tried many apps for tracking what I do when it comes to weights and I always just bail and wing it. Tracking your gym entries for weights is always a ton of text fields and the apps look boring and flat. Not the case with Liftr.

There are quite a few components of Liftr that caught my eye when I stumbled upon it on the app store. First is the color scheme. The app slays in a rich purple scheme with slight gradients throughout. The app doesn’t pull out the full skeumorphism playbook but is relishing at its slight comeback with drop shadows abound. If used too much it can look hokey but Liftr employs them sparingly which gives some depth and layers to the number of text fields needed for copious weight tracking.

liftr app screens

The app is broken down into workouts, charts, and goals. The charts are exceptional with a large variety to choose from. See your week based on pounds lifted or sets accomplished. Visualize your week by body part — how much was spent on your back? Or your shoulders? Or maybe those glutes? It is very useful to see these overviews in making decisions and they are just cool to look at and see your progress.

Within the app is an encompassing array of workouts and — at least with my limited skillset — always had the ones I routinely do indexed. It was also useful for discovering new workouts that I could filter by the equipment I had on-hand or by muscle group. What’s more, each workout had a corresponding icon to go with. I love a good icon and Liftr’s icon work is onpoint.

Other noteworthy features for lifting include specific goals — i.e. number of pounds to lift, how many sets you do with your quads, or how many bench presses — and an equipment inventory that you can use to learn more about the tools you use to improve yourself. Tracking all of this is very easy with a shocking amount of detail. There are templates you can create for custom workouts, slots for sets, reps, weight, and rest, and much more. Anything not listed, add some extra notes.

LIftr isn’t just a fantastic workout tracker, it is a first-class iOS citizen as well. For the latest iOS 14, Liftr offers up widgets to add to your Home Screen. These can show the various charts you’ve added in the app or specific goals. I can also see my week breakdown based on muscle group. Finally, there are

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